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Obrechtstraat 1, Utrecht (Noord-Oost)

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Kajetan Kociański - 1 month ago
Stuff very unfriendly for foreigners. I don't recommend this place
MARC ERA - 8 months ago
Got a muffin but felt no effect whatsoever. Placebo? Don't know whats the deal.
Chris O'Hear - 10 months ago
Great service and some of the best weed in NL!
Kirsch Fineart - 10 months ago
Cosy friendly atmosphere. Oldest shop in town now and the customers are coming there for decennia... Respect each other, namaste
B Cristian - 11 months ago
Super friendly people.
Kacper Rączka - 1 year ago
Big choice but ... I bought a gram for 14 euro, it seemed small, I check ... 0.69g ... Embarrassing...
Michael Zet - 1 year ago
Amazing place
j bromiley - 1 year ago
The vegan bonbons are delish and super spacey
Anurag Borghetti - 2 years ago
It's not a nice place because is kinda like an old bar but if you like a familiar place this is yours. Very simple, not very clean, just one table with a few seats, informal place, staff and customers. Very affordable prices.
Amar Ravi - 2 years ago
Love the vibe here, everyone sits around a common table and smokes. They also have a lengthy and impressive collection, very friendly customers and staff. I'd definitely recommend! But please be quiet and respectful :)
Héctor M. - 2 years ago
Got some nice tips before buying. Will definitely visit again!
Noa Iacono - 3 years ago
I love this place! Make me feel like i'm relaxing at home! Nice stuff and nice guest!! Is really funny and the weed have really nice natural taste :)
paul - 3 years ago
This coffeeshop is my favourite in utrecht the feeling is very local but the locals make you feel so welcome there is a vaporiser and you can join in with the locals never tried one until I went in and the walk back to hotel was most excellent will be back for sure ( excellent products and service )
Es Dubya - 3 years ago
Seek out this rather wonderful establishment, helpful staff, free tea and a good selection. They sell spacecake too..
Eleanore Merrill - 3 years ago
Flash to the past! unpretentious, real Dutch living room cafe where the group of regulars, old geezers (stamgasten), share their water pipe with you, whoever you are, if you sit at the big table, and duly warn you that you might get dizzy cuz it is strong. Tough and warm lady at the kitchen counter happily explains, doesn't rush you, just makes sure you are comfortable and have what you came for. Rickety old wooden interior, plants. Nothing shiny, just "gewoon"
Tempusfugit 28 - 3 years ago
Friendly and a good place to be.. good price and nice smoke
A Sh - 3 years ago
Great variety of weed on the menu for good prices, isn't really much of a smoking area but ideal for take-away.
Bo-Han Huang - 4 years ago
I am high right now, and we know that people are honest when they are high. This store is a local community and the customers know each other. There is no loud music, instead, are full of warm people and friendly staff. I’ll not try the weed again but I’ll recommend to every friend who wants to get stoned.
Jahn Klhees - 6 years ago
Got shitweed (looked like leaf clippings) for €12.50 a gram
Tomasz Jama - 7 years ago
We tried one slice of space cake for two and it was enough. Very fun experience, I can highly recommend it!
Mark Sawle - 7 years ago
best space cake I have ever had and only €4 a slice and the zero zero hash bought back memories of 20 years ago.the bloke with dreadlocks made my day as we talked about british bank notes( yes abit random ) and was so helpful.i will return to this little dark but so welcoming coffee shop
Mark Linkhorst - 7 years ago
Was a little full when we arrived but we vaped some Amnesia & it was the Utrecht Amnesia I remember from Sarasani.
Buddah Lover - 8 years ago
Great vibes, very small shop, awesome location. The quality is probably in the top 2 in utrecht. Definitely worth a visit, can get packed out so just by some OG Kush and be on your merry way.

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