Om de verspreiding van het coronavirus te beperken, dienen coffeeshops in Nederland alleen als afhaalpunt voor softdrugs en zijn ze om 20.00 uur gesloten. Het is niet toegestaan om de softdrugs ter plaatse te gebruiken.

Coffeeshop Club Media
Nu open

Gerard Doustraat 85, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuid)

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CC - 3 weken geleden
Highly recommend the hash brownies and the champagne haze. The hash brownies are so so good from this place that I couldn’t bare to part with them before flying I ate them all outside Schiphol hoping they would kick in during the flight. My plane was delayed so I had a really nice chill on the cold hard floor but honestly it didn’t bother me at the time, that is how good the brownies are.
oi kenner - 2 maanden geleden
Cool friendly vibes from the customers and staff. Nice place to pick up some green
Simba Pingha - 2 maanden geleden
Cool friendly vibes from the customers and staff. Nice place to pick up some green
Annetta Xavier - 3 maanden geleden
Good club to be honest... Menu is interesting. Kind and helpful staffs
Bryan Green - 10 maanden geleden
Great herbs, cakes are weak but delicious. Good service
Judge Vag - 10 maanden geleden
High quality weed, low prices. 4 stars because the first 2 times they let us in (night) and 1 time they don't (noon on a rainy day). OK you say 25 yo limit on the door but we are 24 and you have already let us in 2 times.... why not a third....??
Neil Martin - 1 jaar geleden
Chilled, friendly. Great selection of products with very knowledgeable staff. Seems to be mainly locals, which is great. Plus they do an amazing hot chocomel - when you're baked, what more could you possibly need?
David Algie - 1 jaar geleden
One of my favourite spots to smoke in Amsterdam. The place is very relaxed and the prices are fair (also close to a super market if you want some cheaper snacks)
Célestine Uuy - 1 jaar geleden
The very good thing about this coffee shop is that it doesn't spell like crazy on the street, there are mainly locals in it and the atmosphere is quite cool. The thing is when we came, the man at the cashier seemed annoyed that we didn't know how it worked and that we didn't know what we wanted. We had to insist a bit to have clear information about what/how to get. In the end, he gave us good advice. Inside, the music is very loud, but the hot drinks are good.
Preben Frenning - 1 jaar geleden
Great quality, knowledgeable budtenders. A bit more on the pricey side, but it's still one of my favorites. I always go here for sleeping strains, and the quality is consistently good. Also a nice place to sit, and I some times even make music there on my laptop.
mick films - 1 jaar geleden
Very good quality weed. Amazing bubble hash very tasty stuff here !!
The Taster - 1 jaar geleden
They have like an entrance with a locked door. It made us think they weren't open yet or something then some bloke comes out and says you have to buy something to be let in which I thought was weird as that's why we were there. Nice place, clean and tidy just a little strange way to treat customers.
César Brun - 1 jaar geleden
Good quality, selection, price is worth it I'd say. The space cake are well made if that's your thing. The staff is friendly and professional. Also got a tea inside once, the place is clean and comfortable.
krissy0171 - 2 jaren geleden
Really liked this coffee shop. I found it spacious, cheaper than most and provided good entertainment (board games, cards, music). Nice and relaxing.
Colton Payne - 2 jaren geleden
Great quality product, never went into the lounge but picked up the half gram pure joints and were very good tasting and potent. Definitely organic and well grown cannabis!
Sharvil Gandhi - 2 jaren geleden
I think the place is nice and beautiful and in a good locality too. I give 3 stars cuz, the guy who was selling me the cannabis scammed me for 50 cents but it's a small amount so it don't matter much.. But I clearly saw you hide my 50 cents.
moraboy - 2 jaren geleden
Very friendly staff, good quality weed
Terry Ireland - 2 jaren geleden
Awesome place. Big tables, comfy chairs, natural light, friendly staff, great weed and hash plus you can use volcanos.
Yahnia Curtis - 2 jaren geleden
I used to like Club media but they have too many rules just want to smoke and chill but they make it hard. :(
G B - 2 jaren geleden
Very nice atmosphere inside, as well as amazing service. Good vibe. However the preroald joints had a bit to much tobacco for my taste. Another downside are some of the rules like taking of your head.
Idons Monark - 2 jaren geleden
After roaming several days searching Amsterdam we stumbled upon Club Media. Very quiet shop where the budtender was extremely helpful and not pressuring. 2 Volcano vaporizers and an explanation sheet. We got Girl Scout Cookies and could not have been happier with the quality either. 5/5.
Ashley Dee - 3 jaren geleden
Awesome spot. Lots of seating, chill atmosphere, and good coffee. Awesome Apple haze
William Richter - 3 jaren geleden
Nice variety, cool staff, safe location and they have Mako Haze!
Shaquille Bent - 3 jaren geleden
This was the first coffee shop I've been to in Amsterdam and it had everything I was looking for and more!! Since I was a "newbie" to the shop experience, the clerks assisted me with any questions I had and made me feel comfortable. I also forgot my lighter and they let me borrow theirs for the whole duration of me being there. I decided to go with a pre rolled joint just to simplify the process and they were perfectly rolled, and even had a filter so you get a smooth pull every time. I paid about €3-€4 for one joint and the amount of weed was very generous; I probably would have paid $10 for the bud alone back in NYC. Whoever made the custom playlist, solidified me staying there even longer because it was nothing but chill tunes. I would definitely recommend this shop for tourists coming to Amsterdam for the first time, can't go wrong! P.S. The weed is pure and potent!
Xavier Bradburn - 3 jaren geleden
Friendly staff, amazing food, tasty drinks and relaxed atmosphere. One of my favourite coffee shops
Andrew Eichen - 3 jaren geleden
Basic Amsterdam Coffeeshop. Notable for selling some of the best space cakes I've ever had. They'll even heat them up for you!
Stu Hilton - 4 jaren geleden
Quiet local coffeeshop, everyone seemed to know each other. Very friendly staff. Not much food or drink selection tho.
Jeremy Johnson - 5 jaren geleden
Great vibe. Clean. Fantastic buds! HIGHLY recommend the Champagne Haze if you are a sativa fan. Super crystally.
Arkansas EDM - 5 jaren geleden
Great vibe. Clean. Fantastic buds! HIGHLY recommend the Champagne Haze if you are a sativa fan. Super crystally.
Jacques Leisegang - 5 jaren geleden
Great coffee shop. Very clean quiet and friendly staff!
Attila Varga - 5 jaren geleden
One of the best coffeeshops in amsterdam. Its a must to visit. Friendly girls(staff) great choice of weeds and hash. Really clean place and not too busy as not based in the city centre and for me thats the best. Good music great prices, i would just recommend to every1.
Julian Constain - 5 jaren geleden
Best coffee shop in AMS. Great hash, friendly staff. Must visit if you're a stoner
Freddy Goeleven - 5 jaren geleden
Very friendly and helpfull staff, the best price quality in Amsterdam. Also a very nice and cozy shop. Keep up

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