Coffeeshop Crush
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Marnixstraat 383, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Dror H - 1 maand geleden
Good prices but unfriendly service.
Yusuf Shalabi - 2 maanden geleden
The location is excellent, the selection of products is ok, the interior is nice to relax for a while with TVs and music making a nice atmosphere. Unfortunately the staff make me feel like I'm in a rush to order, and they aren't that pleasant, despite me returning here many times and spending atleast €500 over my visits. They don't show much appreciation to their return customers so in light of this, I won't be returning and I'll try the one up the road next time.
Fred Mephisto - 2 maanden geleden
To be avoided. 15 euro for a "pure" preroll, and was loaded with tobacco(?) In any case nasty taste, no high, nice headache.
Steve Bartholomew - 2 maanden geleden
Pre-rolls are cut with tobacco.. a lot of tobacco. I guess you get what you pay for since it is cheap prices
Phill Harkins - 3 maanden geleden
Such a relaxing and chilled atmosphere, 2pm in the afternoon and it's the most comfortable coffee shop I've been in over the last 24hours
K. C. A. J. - 3 maanden geleden
Lovely muffins ;)
Dylan V - 6 maanden geleden
The place could be great but the quality is not there and the sellers aren't really friendly.. And also you can only pay by cash.
ThePickBros Q - 8 maanden geleden
Fake space muffins! 14€ wasted!
Kay. Ksl - 8 maanden geleden
Bad place, my experience with crush was super annoying (as your ex). Moreover, they except only cash, so be prepared;)
Mohamed Naqi - 11 maanden geleden
Great stuff
Alpha Charlie - 1 jaar geleden
The best Coffeeshop in Amsterdam.
Graham Harvey - 1 jaar geleden
Friendly Moroccan staff. Good products. Never too busy. Nice place to relax with coffee :-)
M S - 1 jaar geleden
Friendly dude. Location Not to bei mistaken with the Bar next door
Craig Jenkins - 2 jaren geleden
Very very good!, definitely worth going to
Bohdan Kubenko - techsvit - 2 jaren geleden
Good Sativa Joint, tea, music and atmosphere
Warren Gregory flowerbikeman - 2 jaren geleden
Great selection super staff .. super price on gruise and discounts on 5 gram purchases
Shukri Barre - 2 jaren geleden
Horrible experience here. The elder guy at the till was terribly rude. Do not come here because you will regret it. If you are looking for positive vibes than there are plenty better coffeeshops to go to. If I could than I would actually give this place 0/5.
Josh Marom - 2 jaren geleden
Very chill and private place, A bit simple and small, but good weed and nice vibe.
Yusaf Gani - 3 jaren geleden
Best hashish this city has to offer. Love this place always friendly and relaxed. A true hidden Gem that needs to be checked out!
jason jendoubi - 3 jaren geleden
Nice place to sit in te city centurm good staff and nice weed
Dan roe420 - 3 jaren geleden
Great little coffee shop, I visited every day in the evening after 8:30 and always room to sit Down, also they do a mango haze which mouth watering tastie stuff and the only shop that I could find it !
steven webster - 3 jaren geleden
Very friendly staff, well ventilated and one of the best strains ive ever tasted in my life. Love this place and it was just across the street from my hotel.
Sam Schoeniger - 3 jaren geleden
Great place if you don’t know anything. My experience here was poor. The cannabis smelled okay and the prices were a joke. 110 for 5g lol. Also the gent working snarked at me and sat back down in his chair after requesting to smell more than 3 varieties. There are better stores down the street in both directions.
Dom Lis - 3 jaren geleden
Nice , wide choice ,cheap,very nice atmosphere, nice smoking rooms ,one of very few which gave me an alternative to sour diesel - "tangie kosher "or something like that
Conner Oneill - 4 jaren geleden
Good wee caffee shop nice quite place
Kid Casiano - 4 jaren geleden
Lowkey and underground. Loved the music! Great staff and enjoyable goods, recomended for chilling and not wilding out.
Nekros - 4 jaren geleden
Really nice place, cool ambient music and a lot of space to sit. A lot of options for smoking and quite cheap prices. From outside doesn't look much, but it's quite cosy place inside and with good ventilation. Recommended to everyone if they live close by, or if they have a couple of hours before taking the tram for the airport, which is 5 mins walk.
Andre Vasiljev - 4 jaren geleden
Me and my good man sampled some of the finest sativa that they had to offer in the form of the pre rolled joints! Spent the next hour bumbling around Amsterdam having the time of our lives. The following day we returned to see if good sir behind the counter could offer us something in the cake form! Got a lovely looking brownie. What followed was absolutely carnage!!!!! Lost my mind completely, got stuck in my own google map as well as a toilet door maze! Over all great coffee shop that has a wide selection! Oh only down side is the €3 bottle water which is clearly aimed at the stoners that get stuck inside the coffee shop!
dev d - 4 jaren geleden
One of my best places for a smoke.great ambience and cozy place to sit and relax. Definitely the quality is good and worth it. Highly recommend!!!
Nasir S - 5 jaren geleden
Best amnesia haze, don't buy ready made as almost full with tobacco and not worth it,
Kim Shaw - 5 jaren geleden
Nothing special, they have seating and music... Serve drinks and snacks, but the staff are very nice usually and the atmosphere is always very relaxed.
Cucaracho Santos - 5 jaren geleden
Purchased 3 "haze joints" for 5 euro each. Started smoking it & it tasted odd. Decided to open the next one to find 85/90% tobacco inside. After having visited many coffeeshops, I can tell you this one scammed us pretty well. Their loss of business, not mine.
Peter Timowreef - 5 jaren geleden
As a local and someone with lots of coffee-shop experience: this is a good one. The weed is excellent (juicy and mango haze) and about 1-2 euros cheaper per gram than in other Amsterdam shops for similar quality. Staff is friendly and laid-back. The interior however is rather sparse, with not a lot of atmosphere and no bells and whistles. But perhaps that's a good thing because you don't have to pay for them!
Abbas K - 5 jaren geleden
Good location for nearby hotels. They ran out of white widow joints and wouldn't roll any extra for a customer, they told him to buy a gram and roll it himself.
Umberto N - 6 jaren geleden
Hidden space, very friendly and staff SOOOO lovely. Quality weed for cheaper price than famous shops. Must visit.
Andrew Beadie - 6 jaren geleden
Such a hidden gem!! This coffeeshop was very close to our hotel and was very quiet! Me and my friends could sit comfortably and enjoy each other's company, which can be a struggle in some coffee shops. I am not over exaggerating when I say I got some of the best buds of my entire holiday from this store. LA fire kush was a personal fav! I would highly recommend this coffeeshop and shall be returning as soon as possible.
Delbert Wilkins - 7 jaren geleden
I like this place. Crush was conveniently located across the street from our hotel. My wife doesn't like this sort of establishment so was perfect to pop over the road in the evening and have a cheeky number in the peace and quiet of their smoking room and it's not full of idiots like some of the other shops. I always purchased their ready-rolled and the weed was of a very good quality. €4 each (just under £3) and guaranteed to be on another level by the time I left. We'll be back in August and again in October so I'll be revisiting this shop soon enough.
Dominik Fuchs - 7 jaren geleden
Very unfriendly staff dont want to show you what you want to buy and is very undfriendly. Definitiv no place to go
Syed Ansar - 8 jaren geleden
I've loved this coffeeshop from the very first time i went there in 2010. I've been there everytime since i've gone back to Amsterdam. This coffeeshop is very special place as I remember my friend's stag we all had such a great time there together! Otherwise the seating is very close and great for chilling out, the drinks and weed is very very reasonably priced and not a rip off!! LOVE THIS PLACE!!

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