Om de verspreiding van het coronavirus te beperken, dienen coffeeshops in Nederland alleen als afhaalpunt voor softdrugs na 17.00 uur.

Coffeeshop Happy Days

Amsteldijk 139, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuid)

Coffeeshop informatie



Arturas Andriusaitis - 3 weken geleden
Helpful and polite staff. Thank you for a great experience.
Debron Gibro - 1 maand geleden
Really nice staff. Taking time to explain everything. Lovely service. Great products. Good prices! Thanks for everything.
Street Fighter - 1 maand geleden
Small range. But some good weed. Cali kush of kilimandsharo
Tom Brus - 3 maanden geleden
Chill coffee with tim & joey best staff crew
josip strancarić - 4 maanden geleden
Very good coffeeshop with always good atmosphere and service.
Kathrin Kraner - 4 maanden geleden
really nice staff and prices
Projenger - 6 maanden geleden
Very nice service, also nice people Greetings from Germany
Bear Curvin - 7 maanden geleden
This is the perfect coffeeshop for people who would like to smoke and drink. Their weed is very good and the man that works there was very helpful and the bartender was very nice. I highly recommend this place. Thank you.
Haylin Swërck - 9 maanden geleden
Nice experience. Lovely
Adrian Matuszak - 9 maanden geleden
Good selection and quality, always very friendly staff. I recommend visiting
Filipe Giorni - 11 maanden geleden
Keep up the good work
Donna Luchess - 1 jaar geleden
I like this coffee shop. People are so helpful. Haven't smoked so well in ages. Wasn't far from the hotel which was at the Rai. Beautiful location.
Juan DLMDR - 1 jaar geleden
Good weed, good prcies, nice staff
Tallua Zoldyck - 1 jaar geleden
Never been to the place, but there is a burning question in my mind. Are the strains really that colorful? Never seen anything like this. If so I'll be looking forward to come visit your place very soon.
Edv Vardo - 1 jaar geleden
Blueberey Sativa Cookie & friendly crew & Cheap strong weed makes this place NR 1 in Amstel Area
A Google User - 1 jaar geleden
Good staff and nice size menu and nice place , flowers were good quality that was 8 months ago.
Dominic Damonte - 1 jaar geleden
Nice staff, always friendly and helpful. Price to quality ratio on the weed is not great but if you're willing to spend more then they do have nice high end strains, but the price is really high for the good weed and the cheap weed is not great.
Moe Hos - 1 jaar geleden
Good staff and nice size menu and nice place ,the flowers were good quality and very good. Got to go again!
Brendan Steel - 2 jaren geleden
My first experience at a coffee shop in Amsterdam and this place was pretty cool! Great advice. Nice lady's.
Dean Sesto - 2 jaren geleden
Nice little Coffeeshop was very close to our hotel so was an ideal stop fair prices nice bud
Gerry Liam - 2 jaren geleden
Product quality is on a level. Different flavors of muffins and cakes. Clean and nicely decorated The welcome feeling that you do not get anywhere else quickly.
Milla Jean - 2 jaren geleden
If you want to go to a place that gives the best customer service experience, then Happy Days is the place to go! Such lovely people working there, made me and my partner feel so welcome. Ambience was lovely and the bud was amazing quality! One of the guys who worked there (maybe the owner) was so lovely, made us feel so welcome and gave us complimentary lighters! Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to go back there. Will definitely be the first place to go when I get off the plane! Love you guys. Milla and Dan. X

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