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Coffeeshop Het Ballonnetje
Nu open

Roetersstraat 12, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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  • Maandag 09:00 - 00:00
    Dinsdag 09:00 - 00:00
    Woensdag 09:00 - 00:00
    Donderdag 09:00 - 00:00
    Vrijdag 09:00 - 00:00
    Zaterdag 09:00 - 00:00
    Zondag 09:00 - 00:00
  • Het is nog niet bekend of deze coffeeshop gereguleerde, gecontroleerde staatswiet gaat verkopen. Voor meer informatie, bekijk de 'Staatswiet' pagina.
  • http://coffeeshophetballonnetje.com/
  • +31 20 205 0414



D S - 1 maand geleden

My favorite coffeeshop in Amsterdam! The service is friendly and the environment is perfectly cozy. And don't get me started on the mint tea. Absolutely wonderful.

Cabana Libre - 1 maand geleden

Like walking into a living room, a place to be and enjoy. Great supply, you’ll get high

Justyna Zielazna - 2 maanden geleden

Nice, climatic place with good coffee and other stuff, too.

Nicolas - 2 maanden geleden

The real spirit of Coffeeshop, the staff is really cool and very nice advice. Good product, the pure kush is smooth and tasty ! Second time I took Ice Cream Cake pre rolled one, no regret ! Nothing better than joint and hot chocolate for a good moment. Next time in Amsterdam, I'll come back for sure ! Thanks for borrowed me the lighter

Mgr Spares - 3 maanden geleden

This place is a hidden gem. Out the way away from the tourists. Nice drinks nice smoke. The hulk pre roll is a must. The staff are lovley. So thank you again and you'll see me again soon

Noah Eisenbruch - 5 maanden geleden

This was my usual coffeeshop for my last Amsterdam trip as it was right by my hostel. One of the better shops I found to just hang out in for a while. very relaxed vibe. slightly pricey but not bad

Lauren H - 6 maanden geleden

By far my favourite coffee shop in dam! The vibes are very chill, the people were lovely! And the smoke was top tier

Holly - 6 maanden geleden

I love this coffeeshop, very cosy & relaxed. Amazing hot chocolate I met my soul mate here 3 years ago

Julian - 9 maanden geleden

Nice place, but useless space cookies! I bought and eat one , but no effect whole day long. And it was first time for me…

Fabio Neretti - 9 maanden geleden

Perfect if you pass by casually, perfect if you come back. Kind and welcoming!

Alessandro Jelveh - 9 maanden geleden

One of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam! Great music, very relaxing and cozy.

Greta Malagoli - 10 maanden geleden

Good selection and nice atmosphere to sit in and relax,while having a verse gemberthee with cinnamon stick. Enjoyed it

john doe - 10 maanden geleden

Not to far out the way but enough so it’s not a tourist trap. Feels like a posh persons living room. It’s not too big but chilled nice staff and good menu.

Benjamin Rawson - 11 maanden geleden

Really nice in here, very friendly staff and great weed at the usual prices. Getting back down the stairs isn't as hard as you think it's going to be. Lovely mocha and hot chocolates.

KBee - 1 jaar geleden

Het Ballonnetje is one my favorite coffeeshops, because firstly, the staff is very kind, they take time to explain things, and their passion for weed is felt ! The actual place is gorgeous, I love sitting down there to enjoy a good mango juice with their super tasteful weed and hash !

Gaynor Pearson - 1 jaar geleden

Adore this place. Good selection of quality bud and chilled vibes. Music rocks

STHEEN - 1 jaar geleden

Super pleasant to sit. Unfortunately, less good shop quality and you are obliged to buy something every time. A consumption is of course understandable, but not every time something to smoke ...

Milan Mraz - 1 jaar geleden

Quick help, good hospitality, and almost have everything you need......

Rohit Balasubramanian - 1 jaar geleden

A very cozy Coffeeshop with two lovely ladies working. I prefer the service and the good vibes a bit more than the products on offer. Beware of the staircase

Javier Menéndez Romano - 1 jaar geleden

Must say the brownie was brutal. Also the venue was welcoming and the staff were nice

Meechy Darko - 1 jaar geleden

After a little inconvenience with my last purchase, they reached out to me and said they‘ll fix it next time! Went back and they kept their word 100% ! So even the best can make faults;) 6/5* experience

trey tolbert - 1 jaar geleden

Today I had the most amazing time here. The staff treat you like family ❤️best believe I’ll be back

Ian Revault d'Allonnes - 1 jaar geleden

Great old school coffeeshop, great menu. Coffee is excellent.

Vaibhav Nayel - 1 jaar geleden

Great selection of strains and equipment. The music and ambiance of this place set it apart from the other coffeeshops. I will definitely go here again.

Marti Lang - 1 jaar geleden

It is a good coffeeshop just next to the university. The prices are good. I liked the amnesia haze a lot. The guys doing good work over there

flower “rose” silva - 1 jaar geleden

Very nice Lady with Smile ...very stronge joints

Creazy - 1 jaar geleden

The best place to be in the world if you want smoke weeds

Adrian Matuszak - 2 jaren geleden

Nice and cozy place near university. Good selection and quality, friendly service!

Aleksandar Gortnar - 2 jaren geleden

Best coffeeshop in amsterdam, been in every other so i can say.

Harrison James - 2 jaren geleden

Excellent modern strain menu with a few Classics! friendly staff and nice place to sit ( when covid doesn't prohibit you from doing so )

Barnabás Gyula Csermely - 2 jaren geleden

The place is very nice with interesting (and quality) stains. It felt very cozy and the staff is super nice. If you want the local experience, you should definitely visit it.

Barnabás Csermely-Péter - 2 jaren geleden

The place is very nice with interesting (and quality) stains. It felt very cozy and the staff is super nice. If you want the local experience, you should definitely visit it.

Annetta Xavier - 2 jaren geleden

One of the best dispensary where alot of people coming in and out. Love the ambience. Collection of weed are good and economic and affordable

Jaade - 2 jaren geleden

Really nice staff and the Amnesia is great

Xavier Faltot - 2 jaren geleden

Perfect cosy and well furnished place. Lots of choice and strong quality

Walter Jonathan Ortiz - 2 jaren geleden

Good customer service. Nice place

Matt Crothe - 2 jaren geleden

A good seating area which produces a calm vibe, exceptional strains on the menu here, probably the best I've found in the city to be honest. The staff were very helpful, giving us directions as well as being friendly and accommodating during our stay inside the shop Thanks!

Damian - 2 jaren geleden

Pricey, but I didn't find any better coffeeshop. I'm not used to sit inside, so I'm just reviewing the weed quality, which is one level higher than any other shops around. What tou get is pretty consistent within the batches as well. Oh, and they got lovely customer service. No need to feel ashamed that you don't speak local language.

A dF - 2 jaren geleden

Their hash brownies are amazing and delicious. Only need one bite and you’re in a hash haze. Dread to think if I ate the whole thing how high I’d be but I’m sensitive so there we go. Helps me sleep. 4 stars only because the service is a bit indifferent but again that could be me and my vibe too.

Piñata - 3 jaren geleden

I used to get my weed from this place as a student. Their prices are really nice and the quality of their weed is pretty good. Also a really fast customer service.

Moe Hos - 3 jaren geleden

Nice small place and big menu! The first day was nice 2 lady's served me and let me stay for smoke! The second day the elder gentleman told me I had to buy a drink if I need to stay so I just asked to roll and go, good quality flowers I give this place 4 stars but I was spending money so...

JJ Johnson - 3 jaren geleden

A bit off the tourist beaten path but worth the trip out. The strains smelled and tasted true to the name of the strain. The Mango cross had a good mango aroma. Prices were fair compared to city center (I’m a tourist). The older gentleman and younger girl could have been a bit more welcoming but they warmed up to us after talking with them a bit - but I could see how they come off as cold initially. I recommend.

JJ Olive Oil - 3 jaren geleden

A bit off the tourist beaten path but worth the trip out. The strains smelled and tasted true to the name of the strain. The Mango cross had a good mango aroma. Prices were fair compared to city center (I’m a tourist). The older gentleman and younger girl could have been a bit more welcoming but they warmed up to us after talking with them a bit - but I could see how they come off as cold initially. I recommend.

L King - 3 jaren geleden

My favourite coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Been coming for the last 4 years even making quick weekend breaks here. Prices are great and quality is even better! Very relaxed atmosphere and great staff!

Felix Heiglmaier - 3 jaren geleden

They have nice strains of weed there but the employees and the setting does not make you feel welcome at all. The best thing is the location since it is very close to the university, the prices are similar to the rest of the area (slightly more expensive). Won't come back due to having negative experiences twice which could have easily been dissolved by the staff (which they really did not care about doing)

Andre Kühnle - 3 jaren geleden

Cozy Coffeeshop with friendly staff. Weed was nice quality. Enjoy :)

Matt - 3 jaren geleden

This is a great coffeeshop, only losing 1 star because you have to buy their product, even if you are also buying drinks. It’s convenient to visit before the Zoo (Artis) and has a nice atmosphere and high ceiling so it feels very open. Their own products were very nice, just would be nicer if that weren’t a caveat for entry. It’s easy, as a visitor, to end up with more product that you can use.

pieter scherjon - 3 jaren geleden

Awesome coffeeshop and very friendly to tourists! I recommend the amnesia deal. And they also have great coffee. It's my second living room

Gokul Kiran - 4 jaren geleden

Loved this place. We came in early in the morning for coffee and tea. Plus some good vibes. They have a nice chilled cozy smoking room upstairs. With great music. Friendly staff. Will revisit, definitely...

marcin preidl - 4 jaren geleden

Best stuff I've smoke in Amsterdam so far (been here 3 days and visited lots of places) Great for a break from artis zoo as is nearby. Friendly and helpful staff. Recommend to everyone interested.

Yael Top - 4 jaren geleden

Very friendly staff, quality weed and cool environment. Tasty drinks as well! Perfect to sit and relax before you start the day.

Walker Landel - 4 jaren geleden

I haven’t been to any other coffeeshops in Amsterdam but I don’t want to after having such a welcoming experience at Het Ballonnetje. Staff was so kind, talkative, welcoming and helpful when I came in. Wanted to talk and were having fun and enjoying themselves. Customers were also very friendly and it was a very welcoming environment with very nice and unique music. Coffee is decent and they have cold drinks as well. Be sure to tip and enjoy yourself!

Sean Poulton - 4 jaren geleden

Fantastic coffee shop. The two running the place are lovely and their product is top notch. Will also let you smoke bongs inside which is a plus!

Cj Watkins - 4 jaren geleden

One of the hidden gems in Amsterdam. Music and the overall vibe here was great. Friendly staff and high quality products as well.

Nicola Maxwell - 4 jaren geleden

Best coffee shop we've visited. Excellent selection, Good prices and the staff are amazing. The lady who served our coffee was great! So grateful. Much love from Scotland!

kevin smith - 4 jaren geleden

If you smoke in dam and haven't been here, you are missing out! Easily the best coffeeshop in dam. Always clean, tasty and cheap. Nicest staff that are very helpful and friendly. This is my fave club on the planet, although the smoking room is a bit small

Schahin S. - 4 jaren geleden

In my opinion one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Friendly staff, moderate prices and top quality weed/hash. Highly recommended!

The Insider - 4 jaren geleden

Superb weed selection and generally not rammed with people. Lovely shop.

Laura Rissanen - 4 jaren geleden

The smoking room feels a bit cagey, but the weed is one of the best I've had in Amsterdam and for a very reasonable price.

Dj Shaggy - 4 jaren geleden

Friendly staff, very welcoming as soon as you walk through the door. Prices are not so high as centrum, variety is very good selection of many top strains. Quality is paramount, I didn't smoke one black ash or chemical taste sample, I smoked 7 strains from the grass menu, all have been top shelf! In my opinion this is one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam! A must visit for a true cannabis connoisseur! We

Can Yakamoz - 5 jaren geleden

Lovely coffeeshop outside the city center right next to the University. They sell high quality weed for fair prices and always have a good variety of different strains. The atmosphere is very cozy and makes you wanna stay for hours... I can only recommend this place!

chris roper - 7 jaren geleden

Good selection... Good prices... Even a choocy buscuit with your chocamel...

Nick Willows - 7 jaren geleden

This was the best coffee shop we found on our recent weekend trip. The best quality and reasonably priced weed, namely Amnesia Haze & Mr. Nice plus the best hot chocolate we drank. Friendly service and no queues or crowds like the city centre shops.

martin carroll - 7 jaren geleden

Stayed next door to this place, They have nice product at reasonable prices ????

ilovedrums247 - 7 jaren geleden

the house specials are pretty decent

Jeff Skinner - 8 jaren geleden

Was staying in the Plantage and this shop helped make my stay more enjoyable. Nice product, reasonable prices. Pre rolled Amnesia is highly recommended.


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