Coffeeshop The Otherside
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Reguliersdwarsstraat 6, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Elaina Poh - 3 weken geleden
Friendly boss, lovely neighbors cat (look like batman) Nice chocolate with cream, and pear juice. My friend tried smoke bubble gum and flew to space for a moment. Hahha
Kuba Dubis - 1 maand geleden
Awesome and friendly staff :) wonderful atmosphere and their prerolled joints are delicious! Music is great and there are big windows to look at the street, definitely worth a visit.
Soner Hosoglu - 1 maand geleden
That place is very nice and clean. It is better than many Coffee shops.
Geraldine Stack - 2 maanden geleden
Great place friendly staff. They do a great coffee and nice chocolate cake don't over do it share otherwise u will be flying high
Alex Tanouris - 6 maanden geleden
One of the best coffeeshops in the center. Good staff, decent coffee and great music
Ralph Kim - 7 maanden geleden
Nice, place to be for chilling. Not too crowdy. You can sit down and relax. Friendly staff.
RR - 7 maanden geleden
Best coffeshop in the city. Nice music and good deal.
Natalie Jada - 8 maanden geleden
Such good vibes here. I came two years ago and found it by chance, went several times during my week stay. Then this year I had a 24 hour layover, went there and had a great chat with the owner, super nice. They even have a daily cat visitor name Antonio, he's adorable. Would definitely recommend this place to have a chill place to relax and grab a drink. 10/10
Julian Rios - 8 maanden geleden
Super chill place with friendly staff! Definitely recommend coming here
Phil Martinez - 8 maanden geleden
Probably my favorite in Amsterdam' The reason why I came back to this place so much would be that the owner is kind. But the great thing about this place is the vibe, the music.. Great place to just relax, chill and have a good time!
Marti Lang - 9 maanden geleden
It is a very nice coffeeshop with good material and good prices. I liked the lemon haze a lot
Nicolai Barklin - 9 maanden geleden
The Otherside used to be in my backyard and is definitely one of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam. A heartwarming staff and a great menu. Can definitely recommend.
Tanaydın Şirin - 1 jaar geleden
Great place, i like it.
oi kenner - 1 jaar geleden
Friendly place, decent prices. When you roll inside, usually some herbs available to mix. Cat is cute
Simba Pingha - 1 jaar geleden
Friendly place, decent prices. When you roll inside, usually some herbs available to mix. Cat is cute
George Tobias - 1 jaar geleden
Nice little coffee shop with friendly staff. Always feel welcomed and they have a good selection of pre-rolled.
Jonas Liewald - 1 jaar geleden
Coudn´t by any coffe :-( very sad. But the brownie was good
Anette Eerdhuizen - 1 jaar geleden
One of the better coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Yummie Bubblegum joints and the music is always great. When in Amsterdam, you can find me here quite often. XXX Anette
Anette Zeimentz - 1 jaar geleden
One of the better coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Yummie Bubblegum joints and the music is always great. When in Amsterdam, you can find me here quite often. XXX Anette
Ali Obrian - 1 jaar geleden
Vera Katic - 1 jaar geleden
My bf bought the pure ones and he said those were the best ones. The man working there is very nice.
Nina Waals - 1 jaar geleden
I’ve smoked 2 rolled joints and I feel nothing, don’t take the rolled ones.
Lorenzo St - 2 jaren geleden
Relaxed atmosphere. The owner does not allow groups with more than 5 people, which grants the place a cozy atmosphere. Great music selection and good choice of weed and hash.
Michael J. Lunsford - 2 jaren geleden
I have been going over 25 years here. Its one of my first herbal coffee shops and is just chill. Good weed, good coffee and small n intimate w good music and art. Gone is the rotating toilet seat that would rotate and be cleaned after flushing.☹ I just love this lil place.
sakura group - 2 jaren geleden
Nice cool and cosy place for an afternoon smoke in the city. Friendly service and great atmosphere.
Lexy J - 2 jaren geleden
One of my fave coffee shops. It's very relaxed and not too noisy. I particularly like it because it's not one of those super intense social coffee shops but instead was friendly and relaxing. They offered space cakes which were strong as hell and super yummy. Ate a whole one and was stoned till morning
Ochirios Grant - 2 jaren geleden
Really good atmosphere, brilliant art work. Amazing vibes all throughout. If you're in damn it's a must go to cafe.
Jon Lyddon - 3 jaren geleden
Excellent coffeeshop great place to spend some time, be warned however that just buying drinks and smoking your own is not permitted, a purchase from the herbal menu is required. I haven't been to the city for six years so this may not be unusual now. Other than that, great place.
jon Phillips - 3 jaren geleden
Since the first time in 1995 The Other Side is kind of my starting off place when visiting Amsterdam. Laid back with a decent level of weed choices or edibles. It's also a great location in the city and is on the gay street. Cheers!
Calvin Au-duong - 3 jaren geleden
Ambiance of the place was alright, cozy with tables and big photos of celebrities blazing. Weed was low quality , had to turn down the Purple Haze, looked very stemmy and small sad buds with hints of purple. Settled for a big bud (coming from Canada we know our big bud) it was a mid at best , similar to China bud , good look ok taste no high. No dank factor here, would not come back after trying some other places with high quality buds.
Daniela Marcano Brice - 3 jaren geleden
The place looks very nice but the attention is terrible, the guy who attends at night is rude. It does not make the site pleasant. If you want a good experience go to another place do not waste neither time nor money there
Bia Cabral - 3 jaren geleden
I got the chance to have a nice experience there, unlikely other here. The bartender (beard guy) was very helpful and I liked the music. Really chill and not crowded
Catherine Hoey - 3 jaren geleden
Really relaxed atmosphere with friendly staff. Good prices. We used the other side as our go to cafe for the whole of our holiday x
Hesham Zaoujal - 3 jaren geleden
Owners care more about you buying a drink every 2 minutes instead of keeping the place clean and making you feel welcome. Very rude service and very poor quality weed at a poor price compared to what else is on offer in Amsterdam. Suprised if this place still exists in 2 years at this rate. Would not recommend this place to my worst enemy.
Anonymous - 3 jaren geleden
Weird vibe, bartender was a bit rude, can't stay there if you are only there for the weed, you have to order a drink too. Atmosphere is fine, but the weed got us pretty fuccd up. My recommendation is sativa silver i think it called, 1.2g for about 15 euros.
Amy King - 3 jaren geleden
While in Amsterdam I went to many coffee shops and this by far was the best. The environment was calm and the music was just right. Unlike other coffee shops, the pre-roll I purchased was high quality and actually gave a good buzz. Staff are friendly and helpful. Will definitely be back the next time I visit.
Charlie Walker - 3 jaren geleden
been dam 3 times and this is still my favourite coffee shop. friendly owner, lovely spot and quality bud (but the hash is better). lots of love for this place xox
Gisèle C - 5 jaren geleden
Great spot if you're a white supremacist. After an otherwise pleasant day in Amsterdam my cousin and I walked into this rubbish establishment where we saw 2 available stools by the bar. I asked the guy sitting at the bar if someone was using the stool next to him. He indicated we were welcome to have both the seats by him. Then the male employee working the bar came over (tall, white, muscular yet a bit effeminate). First, he told us grufly that we couldn't "smoke" at the bar. That was fine as we had no intention of smoking and indicated as much. Then he told us that we couldn't "sit" as we were positioned because we would block a menu that was taped to the very edge of the top of the bar. With plenty of space available, my cousin began to move her stool away from the menu. Then he told us we couldn't sit at the bar at all. I asked him where exactly we could sit. He replied that he couldn't make room for us. We are two black women. The only non-white individuals in the place. The other customers observed and said nothing. I told him that he was a pig and we left. A gentle reminder of the nature and history of the country we're visiting. But who knows, it may be the perfect spot for others.
Oebele Kooistra - 6 jaren geleden
Excellent coffeeshop at the corner of what was called Rue de Vaseline, the main gay street of Amsterdam. Now that is history, but The Otherside's still going strong. Favorite staff members: André Gregor and Nick.
Tim Young - 6 jaren geleden
Staff were very aloof, and not exactly a friendly atmosphere, but the prices are average and the décor is interesting enough. There are better places you could go, but there are worse by far.
Mert Subasi - 6 jaren geleden
One of the only cofeeshop with decent music. The guy behind is pretty cool if you're mature enough to smoke you darn teens!
Alessandro Devoto - 6 jaren geleden
Small and cozy place close to the "Flower Market". You need to buy a drink or something inside if you want to roll your own stuff inside. They will always ask for you ID card before ordering something. Drinks are not expensive, nothing special special with the music, but is not laud so is possible to have a proper conversation, they offer pre-rolled stuff, really good space cakes, etc. No WiFi. If it is too crowded maybe you would need to share your table with other people if it is ok for you. I would recommend it for a small stop to relax after doing some tourism, as the environment is just "ok".
Emma Victory - 6 jaren geleden
Its a cosy atmosphere. Guy behind the counter was neutral. The pre rolled stuff is more expensive here than in other places so if you can't roll probably look elsewhere
epilateable - 6 jaren geleden
The guy working there was miserable and clearly bored. The music was awful and made us paranoid and there was no atmosphere .. Better off going somewhere else that's Cosy and nice
Darrell B - 6 jaren geleden
If I could give negative stars I would. THE WORST SERVER! Sounds like the same guy mentioned in other reviews. On top of the rudeness they were out of everything on the menu I wanted (which wasn't much) The guy behind the counter was ignorant and shouting especially at customers. for the neighborhood we were in it didn't feel very inclusive. The store was dirty and had no ambiance.. Go to Abraxus.. Church or Grey Area. This place is a joke.

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