Sensemillia CoffeeShop
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Meer en Vaart 177B, Amsterdam (Amsterdam Nieuw-West)

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Clement Rappe - 2 maanden geleden
There is a beautiful view on the lake from the smoking area that is worth checking out. Staff is really nice and prices are fair (a bit on the expensive side tho)
Amal Abdulrahman - 3 maanden geleden
Friendly staff, large selection of smoke and great prices!
Domina Mia Wallace - 5 maanden geleden
Not bad menu, lovely location and friendly staff.
Faried Amirkhan - 6 maanden geleden
Good prices, quality is decent. Good for your everyday smokes, but if you are looking for anything specifically impressive, this is not the shop for you.
addis shimelis - 6 maanden geleden
Staff are very rude and disrespectful. They are bored so they harass customers. The bouncers are arrogant and racist. Great products tho, high quality stuff.
Dawid Marek Brzezniak - 6 maanden geleden
prices and quality without complaint. Nice and quick service.
Stjepan Kujadin - 6 maanden geleden
Coffee shop with a nice selections and Fair prices
Pradyumn Mattu - 7 maanden geleden
Wow! Just wow! It is near the lake. You get the view of the lake when you smoke up. Great selection of strains and the staff is really friendly! Good crowd too.
Hodii Mo - 8 maanden geleden
Great products and amazing staff
MO abdin - 8 maanden geleden
Friendly :) . I realy love there Buddha kush
Do Ni - 11 maanden geleden
A lot of different strains and always good quality. Especially the hash pretty good.
Roman Bohoslavsky - 11 maanden geleden
Don't panic. Mostly harmless
Moritz Pindorek - 1 jaar geleden
Super Friendly & funny staff, sativa is pretty good, Indica is alright
Saintanic Records - 1 jaar geleden
If you like mids and sticks then you are right here
Thomas E. Gilligaen - 1 jaar geleden
Great staff and stuff. Go there if u can. But they don't accept MasterCards.
David - 1 jaar geleden
One of my favourite Coffeeshop. Nice product and pretty cool area.
Mahad Zahid - 1 jaar geleden
Absolutely no respect for the customer, I’ve seen multiple dutch people come and get for 5 euros but if I ask they say we don’t give for 5 euros. They have no nice attitude of greeting or saying goodbye. The only reason they have people coming over is because they have a monopoly in Osdorp as they’re are no other coffee shops near by
Zoltán Elek - 1 jaar geleden
So much good place, with great workers!
Samuel Eric - 1 jaar geleden
They give you lesser then you buy.
Al Osorio - 1 jaar geleden
Could be 500 times better. Dont lose your time
Andrew Graham - 1 jaar geleden
Nice place, good choice and great prices Definitely recommend
Christo . - 1 jaar geleden
The special haze was okay, if I didn't have a bike, that's what I'd get everytime. Both the jack and the super lemon haze were abit average (SLH in particular was low in flavour and strength compared to other shops). Will try again, hopefully I just got one bad batch. Weed might be cheaper than heading into the city, but you smoke twice as much, so a false economy so far. I tried to ask what was good and get some info but I was just told "it's all good" rather than giving strain info on the special for example. "It's our strongest haze" is all I got, and it wasn't particularly strong. The shop however was very clean and well presented, just wish they sold stronger weed, I'll try the hash next time.
Golden Guide - 2 jaren geleden
The weed is nice. Tried a few different kinds and all was good. Staff are friendly.
Gianluca Panza - 2 jaren geleden
Super good seller and super good quality. Strongly recommend for your purchase. Thank you
Daniel F - 2 jaren geleden
Great prerolls, reasonably priced (cheaper than Central). Mostly used by Dutch people but accommodating to tourists
Twisted5576 - 2 jaren geleden
Cool counter and place generally. Open to a good time (on the clock). Nice stuff and a good collection.
Vaggos Pap - 2 jaren geleden
Cool place by the lake, also a great place to buy your green.!!! 10/10 recommended
Jay FJ - 2 jaren geleden
Good place to stop for a moment, not much space bit what's there is a great with an amazing view of the lake
anchie danche - 3 jaren geleden
Amazing coffeeshop. The first I've been to in Amsterdam. You can enjoy smoking outside with the beautiful view on the lake. I liked strawberry banana the most :)
Alessandra Gallione - 3 jaren geleden
One of the best for quality and price, with a nice chilling terrace that has a charming and relaxing wiew on the lake...♥️
Christian Balentien - 3 jaren geleden
Great weed and great vibe, quite trendy as far as coffee shops go
Aaron Hyland - 3 jaren geleden
Not what you'd expect from a coffee shop has all the Cannabis you coukd want but makes you very uneasy no where nice to sit and roll just hard benches on thw walls around the store.
M Khamkho - 3 jaren geleden
The best coffeeshop in the city, its located next to the nicest lake Sloterplas, has goes excess of a public transport ( tram 17). Verity of prices. Nice employers!
ManWithoutDog - 3 jaren geleden
good prices and okay weed. I got some amnesia that was pretty good for 8.75 a gram, in fact that's a great price. The blue cheese was 11.75 and not that good. I mean the weed smelt like the strain blue cheese but the taste was a bit off and there were not any crystals on it. The amnesia had a god high but the blue cheese was just probably not grown properly.
EUPHORIA - 3 jaren geleden
One of the best coffee shops , smoking area with great canal view , menu picture was taken 2015
Frederik Johansen - 3 jaren geleden
Really high quality, best spot in area. Would definitely recommend. (Smoking is only allowed on the deck)
Matthias Rawlings - 3 jaren geleden
Good prices for Amsterdam and friendly service. You're able to ask the staff for their recommendations depending on which type of high you are looking for. Recommend!
linus mac - 3 jaren geleden
Great selection. Very friendly. Good prices. Would go back.
Guillermo Martin - 4 jaren geleden
Always good stuff. Staff are cordial unlike some other coffeeshops
Lauren Moerkerk - 4 jaren geleden
Great coffeeshop, great employees and a good and relaxed atmosphere. You can pay with cash and card. There's allot of parking space around.
Tudor Barladeanu - 4 jaren geleden
One of my favourites. Not so many tourists and awesome team and amazing view from the terrace
Deniss Güzel - 4 jaren geleden
Great place with good selection of weed. The also have an awesome rooftop terrace for smoking.
kyle munch - 4 jaren geleden
Great selection and great product! The prices are better then the central shops and the staff seemed friendly with the locals. The view is pretty nice as well. I feel really great thanks guys!
Emmanuele Giordano - 5 jaren geleden
Went to buy 1 gram of hash and 1 of weed and once scaled again it was 0.60 each. It's a disgusting marketing way. Avoid this place. It's a scam!
sahra saadi - 5 jaren geleden
First coffee i have been to (2min from my Hotel), Very friendly staff even to little foreigners like Myself (french)! Low prices, Nice ambiance, very cool place! Will come back for sure!
Appie El Hajjioui - 5 jaren geleden
Best shop for me! Better products compared to the center city shops, and fair prices.
Nicholas Furcillo - 5 jaren geleden
It has been somewhat difficult to find information about this place online, but I went there as it is close to where we stay. The staff was really friendly and I got some freebies with my order, which was awesome. There is a fairly narrow staircase to access the place but once you're up, it's very open plan. I haven't seen people smoke inside, but there is a nice patio with chairs and tables where smoking is allowed. The bud was also much better than what you get from city centre coffeeshops, which was really nice! Overall I had a very pleasant experience here and I'd really recommend this coffeeshop.
Jack Fry - 5 jaren geleden
The casey jones weed was real toasty, got high just on the way to tram stop! Good prices, friendly staff. 5 star hygiene. 10/10 would blaze

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