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Eli Arama - 2 weken geleden
Good price & weed check the pineapple haze Good vibes with music inside as well
Ricardo Acuña - 3 weken geleden
Very expensive, low quality and you need to pay for going to the toilet. Terrible experience.
Ma eva - 1 maand geleden
This place is a tourist trap. It is super dirty. They barely clean your table when you arrive. Everything is super expensive and you also need to pay for the toilets 1 euro. If you don't have cash to pay upfront for the toilets, the old lady you need to wait in line at the bar to pay by card as she refuses to let you go and then you pay. She is super rude. The waiters, one of them smokes cigarettes while serving clients. What a shame and a dirty place to avoid!
Ed VD Burg - 3 maanden geleden
Worst shop ever. Doubt most positive comments are real as the service is bad without doubt. The bouncers as can be seen in other comments are way out of line.
Serda Balta - 4 maanden geleden
I love here , bohemian and good music and sweet place
Scott Carey - 6 maanden geleden
Though I went there for just a quick charge on my then-dead phone, as I had just come from London and had arranged a rendezvous at Rembrandt Square, with a friend who'd come to Amsterdam the day before, all I had time to "absorb" was the great coffee and equaly great music on the jukebox (didn't have time to pay attention where it came from), as well as the mandatory smoke puffed away by other patrons. :-)
Coffee n’ Peanuts - 8 maanden geleden
This cafe is got to be one of the best on price and selection! After a long walk through the city to find these flashing lights Smokey, it said. I said to my self why yes! I shall:) Nice mixed rolled, moon rocks, fire crackers and flowers. Nice shop great local!
Wayne Beale - 8 maanden geleden
This cafe is got to be one of the best on price and selection! After a long walk through the city to find these flashing lights Smokey, it said. I said to my self why yes! I shall:) Nice mixed rolled, moon rocks, fire crackers and flowers. Nice shop great local!
Annetta Xavier - 9 maanden geleden
Drinks like coffee or milk shakes are good . Weeds makes it more colorful and high. World is amazing with grass and terrible without them.
Andreas Wimmler - 10 maanden geleden
the nice coffee with a special relaxed atmosphere is always a good place for a relaxed coffee and chill out. in summer you can sit outside. the coffee/shop itself is quite large and comfortable. the service is good and friendly. the quality of the products is very good. the prices are common for Amsterdam.
Marcin Szalek - 10 maanden geleden
Nice place, good shakes but service is not do good. Starting from that we had to wait for 30mins to get the waitress to our table and finishing at point when we got cheated by the gentleman who sold us 0.8g of moonrock instead of a gram for 35euros. If you are reading this young man with long face I forgive you ;)
Denis Laurent Paris - 10 maanden geleden
My go-to spot when in Amsterdam. The atmosphere and vibe is awesome and the music is amazing. Friendly service and strong smoke. The milk shakes are insanely good. Highly recommend.
Chillonthe Hill - 10 maanden geleden
Really nice products. I liked a lot the casablanca. It was good that it was possible to sit outside and chill as well in the shisha bar next to it as one friend of us was more into shishas.
Ogis Kushas - 10 maanden geleden
Atmosphere is awesome. Weed is strong, music is amazing. Definetly coming again
Bruce Lee - 11 maanden geleden
Awesome easy going great service
Alex Gubala - 11 maanden geleden
in love with this place. Super friendly and delicious milkshake
James Hoskin - 1 jaar geleden
Good competitive prices, really chilled atmosphere, friendly happy staff.
Shak Tech Reviews - 1 jaar geleden
Very cozy place, big choice of herbs to try. Great location right on the remembrance plaza in front of Escape club.
Atticus Hopper - 1 jaar geleden
Over 10 years ago - Bachelor Party - group of Americans men visited your establishment several times over a weekend. Remember us? No? What's that? You get tons of Americans visiting all the time and ten years is a long time ago. Okay, sure. But! We remember you and we remember you very fondly. We were so young and full of adventure. If we visited you again - perhaps we can feel that way again. Memories are dreams painted with brighter colours than what reality provides. We lost our youth. We spent it like currency throughout your beautiful city. Any chance we can get some of it back, please? But Smokey Coffeeshop - you have a great place there so you get 5 stars from me.
Umberto Frisoni - 1 jaar geleden
Best topping for milkshake. Didn't serve nachos after midnight.. I tried to order it... :'( . But in the end my experience was very nice. It's a good place to stay high ;).
Kirsty Rixon - 1 jaar geleden
First coffee shop we visited here ... nice music, relaxed feel .. bit of a piss take having to pay to use the loo though. Seeing as you're paying over the top prices for coffee and soft drinks at least let the toilet be free to use ! Overall it was an ok place to smoke and relax for a bit ⭐
Momenah Tokhi - 1 jaar geleden
This was the first coffee shop I visited in Amsterdam. We passed by it and the lit up sign was cliché in a cute way. Inside it reminds me of Bob Marley stoner meets dive bar. It’s really chill, dim lit, and has colorful string lights on the ceiling. There’s a cool vending machine that has snacks and lighters, etc. They also sell pipes which is really nice. The staff was pretty friendly and the music was cool.
Arvind Yerram - 1 jaar geleden
As is with any coffeeshop in Amsterdam, this is a smoking joint. We get our joints in many forms - raw, smoke, cookies, brownies. The smell of the shop itself will give us a high. The shop is well decorated and the music is also good. Surprising is, even though people are high, they are well behaved.
Transport 4 Nederland - 2 jaren geleden
I am impressed about this amazing place. It is a nice atmosphere. I am not a smoker but I have invited one of my friends who is living abroad and never seen such Freedom
Sharon Dreezens - 2 jaren geleden
My husband and I were nervous to try this place. Once inside it was very smokey, so we sat at the tables outside. We bought a ready rolled joint .It was very nice and relaxing watching people in the street. Staff are very nice and service is good. A mixture of young and old come here. We will come back again to this place.
Daniele Loreto - 2 jaren geleden
We tried muffins, they didn't had any effects and they are very expensive. I would suggest to go in others smaller coffee shops
Derek Towson - 2 jaren geleden
I loved visiting this place. Pre rolled joints for cheap. Outdoor seating with waitress service. Definitely a 5/5 and will go again if I'm ever in Amsterdam again.
Jorge - 2 jaren geleden
Excellent as always. Very good quality products. Great service.
Perry McGowan - 2 jaren geleden
Was a nice bar to go into and reasonable prices for Amsterdam, however they should make it clearer they do no sell alcohol. As i ordered and was served a beer only at the end to find out it was non alcoholic. Priced the same as a standard beer, if i knew it was non alcoholic i would have ordered a different drink.
Jon Skewes - 2 jaren geleden
Super coop.low key place. The environment waa definitely more hipster hang out type environment. It's a darker establishment. The place plays really good music and serves alcohol as well as other products. Make sure you have some coins on you cause the restroom is .50 euros to use.
Mark Elmes - 5 jaren geleden
Wasn't a bad coffee shop, rather large with outdoor seating, air-con, nice bar, loud music - a good place to go if you like that atmosphere - I prefer the chilled vibe of other coffee shops I went to, rather than the loud 'British pub' sorta vibe I experienced here. However, I would still recommend the place as it was good, not too expensive.
Kamil Zapalski - 5 jaren geleden
We've been there again last week, and they fcked up brownies! Before they were much much better. "new" version of brownie was mouldy 2 days after we get back home. It doesn't taste so good either, even when eaten at the place. Previous was one of best brownies ever, now it's 1/10. Just because of great Lemon Haze (btw very expensive) there are 2 stars istead of 1. We will look for other place next time in Amsterdam.
Alan H - 5 jaren geleden
Fun place on a Sunday afternoon. Not busy at all and pretty fast service. Kind if feel like on display in back glass room but nice overall.
Zaren - 5 jaren geleden
Nice mellow place to stop at and relax. Has outdoor seating, providing a good spot to people watch. It is in the middle of a busy spot
Andreea Schrik - 5 jaren geleden
Unbelievable that you have to buy above two grams first of all and than you get skunk the most cheep bad quality weed in place of haze! I definitely don't recomanted! Very tricky services!
Jamie Herbert - 5 jaren geleden
Friendly staff, good selection, and one of the few coffeeshops that sell alcohol aswell
Jeevan TM - 5 jaren geleden
We didn't buy weed here but entered the dance floor being high. Its a small floor and the service and music was OK OK but if you are visiting with a group of friends then you would not regret and its placed in a good location.

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