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Roostenlaan 24A, Eindhoven (Stratum)

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Brian Helms - 7 maanden geleden
It's a nice little shop in an out of the way spot, no where to hang out or anything but nice selection.
trq kh - 9 maanden geleden
Absolutely the best for quality price and experience, one of the only two real options for the daily cannaseur
Symeon Psyllas - 9 maanden geleden
Amazing place with nice weed and friendly people ☺️
Simon Keldermans - 10 maanden geleden
The Staff was friendly, the place feels ok, you can smoke pure inside, they accept foreigners (I'm from Belgium). I got 1.41g of Sour Diesel and 1.28g of Casey Jones for 15€ each. Not cheap, but not extremely expensive either ; 10.6 and 11.7€ per gram respectively. Big disappointment, you can't smell any of the weed. It is all prepackaged, and they won't allow you to open a pack to smell it unless you have already bought it. So you really have no way of making an informed choice on which weed was better selected, cultivated, dried and cured than the others. The Sour Diesel was in very small buds that were very airy and very dry. It smelled and tasted like hay, like really dried out weed usually does. It felt clean on all aspects (looking at the buds, crumbling it, smoking it, color and consistence of the ashes) but really wasn't pleasant to smoke. Really disappointing. I'll give it 1/10 because it wasn't cut or sprayed. The Casey Jones was better, very dense small buds, nice smell. The taste when smoked was ok-good, it felt clean on all aspects but one ; I feel like it wasn't rinsed enough, so the taste was not as developed as it should have been. I'll give it 7/10.
Michael Bartoš - 10 maanden geleden
Kind security guy, no problem inside, the lady at the desk answered all my questions, as i am new in NL, was very polite and strain was good for taste and we got really high, not overpriced and many strains, which you can pick.
Lil hair - 10 maanden geleden
always visit when in Eindhoven, they had some excellent white rhino this one time a really awesome strain it's like someone deleted the paranoia out of that bad boy.. really smooth.. see you all tomorrow
Vilius Bučinskas - 11 maanden geleden
Got 1g insted of 1.25g .... quality is also not great
Vlada Milovanovic - 1 jaar geleden
Very good service. Prices are ok.
yorantoonen2 - 1 jaar geleden
White widow best ever!
Mateusz Olejnik - 1 jaar geleden
Good weed and price for the low moment's
Storm Brinks - 1 jaar geleden
Great pricing, great weed, great staff. Amazing place!
Pawel M - 1 jaar geleden
a bit dry but always good quality :)
Ry Silva - 1 jaar geleden
very nice place to chill, quality and price is good
Ivaylo Valchanov - 1 jaar geleden
Definitely my favourite CS in Eindhoven. Their Sour Diesel is just fantastic. The buds are very dry sometimes and that causes less aroma and less flavour but the quality is very good.
CannedJ d - 1 jaar geleden
Very friendly personal, Quick service and good social distancing.
Michael Pope - 2 jaren geleden
A great place, with friendly helpful people working there. Quality product as well.
Habib Mazahir - 2 jaren geleden
Decent quality and ambience. Menu should be updated often though!
Pawel Pindel - 2 jaren geleden
Great service and advise for the first time buyer. I'll definitely be back....
Daniel Huibers - 2 jaren geleden
Good, nice staff, modern vibe, great music. Now heading to mc donalds.
souljacker3 - 2 jaren geleden
Great place with good weed and eclectic mix of music...
Anna Obara - 2 jaren geleden
Brilliant place and very friendly and helpful staff. Highly recommended
Steph Loughran - 3 jaren geleden
Love this place!! Chilled seating area, excellent coffe and I think they always have a top notch strain to enjoy, possibly the best coffeeshop in Eindhoven
Mart L - 3 jaren geleden
Good staff, good stuff and damn good coffee
Mario Uzunski - 3 jaren geleden
I am very pleased! Good attitude and nice people! I recommend!
Joeri Kosters - 3 jaren geleden
Fair prices, friendly staff and a good atmosphere.
Volden Sin Un Duro - 3 jaren geleden
Usual coffeeshop in Eindhoven. Medium prizes. Is the closer one from Geldrop.
foxxiism - 3 jaren geleden
Weed and range excellent, it's a really nice and chill place definitely will return
Eryk SzerDługi - 3 jaren geleden
You can buy here a pure weed joint. That's awesome! Billiards is inside.
Glenn Gybels - 3 jaren geleden
Best place to hang out with friends
Mateusz Drzewiecki - 3 jaren geleden
Good place but the choice of weed is small ! Ps. Good stuff 4/5 stars
Jerónimo Alonso - 3 jaren geleden
It s cool. Really
Yessika Marmol - 3 jaren geleden
One of my favorite coffeeshops!
Jordan Lewis - 3 jaren geleden
If not the best, one of the best coffeeshops I've been to.
Vercourtère Nade - 3 jaren geleden
Really nice. Get for free mango juice :) Weed really great. Loved casey jones.
Vercourtère Edga - 3 jaren geleden
Really nice. Get for free mango juice :) Weed really great. Loved casey jones.
Elaine van de Loo - 3 jaren geleden
A good coffeeshop with the possibility of playing yhatzee and a game of pool. One of my favorites.
Dr Str. - 3 jaren geleden
Visit this place every year past last 5 years always perfect services. Top class stuff. Greatings for security
Barbara Lenard - 3 jaren geleden
Gr8 stuff, nice clean place, no problem for dogs.
Charlie Whitbread - 4 jaren geleden
Best coffeeshop in Eindhoven. Great smoke, always good quality. Staff lovely and welcoming and door security friendly. Good atmosphere.
Jan Rubbrecht - 4 jaren geleden
Nice clean place but lacking a bit of character and atmosphere. They still sell to foreigners, just need an ID to prove you're over 18. Very friendly employees who know what they sell and are eager to help you out. Last time I got a free cup of coffee because I had to wait 20 minutes on a delivery. Prices are normal, € 9.50 for a gram of white widow. Can't complain at all.
Guy Hoedemakers - 4 jaren geleden
A great place to relax. Very friendly employees, who can also address you in English if you're from abroad. They'll help you with your choice if you want to know more about their products. No parking lot linked to the building, however there is usually plenty of space to park in the neighborhood. Cash or card is accepted.
Casey Hardin - 5 jaren geleden
I am guessing a bunch of their regulars have rated this because I was completely fooled by the reviews. It is poor quality. Very poor for price. If you know amsterdam shops or den haag you will be sorely disappointed. Weird pricing also. Pre done bags.
Rick Wyard - 6 jaren geleden
Its was my first experience of a coffee shop in Holland
Andro Limanovski - 6 jaren geleden
One of the best coffeeshops in town. Great atmosphere, good stuff and de verdumper aka vaprorizer
Daan Rekers - 6 jaren geleden
Toen ik daar aankwam zaten er meteen een paar leuke jongens, ik was later die avond nog heel gezellig geworden ;)
Sjoerd van Gennip - 6 jaren geleden
Is echt kk goeie wiries daar a mattie jwz a broeder
Christian Guckschnur - 6 jaren geleden
Sehr nette und freundliche Bedienung, sehr gutes weed ????????
Giuseppe Ferrara - 6 jaren geleden
Have you still got Strawberry banana kush?
Cedric Vermeiren - 6 jaren geleden
Leuk :)

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