Coffeeshop Bellamy
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1e Middellandstraat 62, Rotterdam (Centrum)

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Trap Star - 2 weken geleden
If Bellamy ever closes I will stop smoking weed. 100% best coffeeshop in Rotterdam, best staff, best weed, best hash, best prices!!!
Z.3ntity Ash - 5 maanden geleden
Used to be a great coffeeshop nowadays i notice them giving me less paid 30 euros for what was maybe 1.5 grams. When i was supposed to get 2.5 grams. Unreliable coffeeshop.
Yann Atanasov - 8 maanden geleden
Very nice weed top
Rossmen 369 - 10 maanden geleden
Nice and very kindly stuff
Sonia S. - 1 jaar geleden
Very rude, do not recommend, seems their first day at work.
andrea malavisi - 1 jaar geleden
The Pineapple kush is very good, also the guys are very friendly and helpful
Dave Etc. - 1 jaar geleden
They don't give u what u order. I asked for a Diesel strain and got Haze. This is not the same buddy.
MironTu - 1 jaar geleden
Best coffeshop in my area ,really best you can see what you want quality is perfect i love you bellamy!
Alaa Fouad - 1 jaar geleden
Limited choices but everything on the menu is good quality. Guys are cool and stoned most of the time and very helpful that they want to sell you something that you like. Accurate scale. Card payments accepted.
Viktor Ryazantsev - 1 jaar geleden
Great spread of strings
Airidas Labanauskas - 2 jaren geleden
Always gives incorrect amount. Dont go there. There is better ones around
amiriano - 2 jaren geleden
great staff, totally different from your typical coffeeshop in holland ( Amsterdam ). The guys were going in rounds giving out free space cakes
Adelard Jakotako - 2 jaren geleden
Great quality and super friendly staff! Best coffeshop in Rotterdam!
EM C - 2 jaren geleden
Always good product, Bubblegum and Super White are very nice . Best one i've tried in Rotterdam !
J. Beijersbergen van Henegouwen - 2 jaren geleden
Great staff, know there product and will recommend what is right for you. They have many different chooses. Although it's unfortunate you can't chill inside, non the less would definitely recommend this if you want a quality product.
David Griffiths - 3 jaren geleden
Pleasant helpful service , recommended
Patrico Live - 3 jaren geleden
the best coffeeshop in Rotterdam weed Championship top on The top !!! Love
GergÅ‘ Jankó - 3 jaren geleden
For sure one of my favourite coffeeshops ever :)
Gary Church - 3 jaren geleden
I've been here quite a few times, they're very helpful and friendly.. Great place..
Jamie Tilling - 3 jaren geleden
Pineapple Kush was the first choice to smell today and I also asked to see the Bubble Gum 2nd before choosing my purchase. €55 5g (€11g) had to be! it's really
Pablo Sol - 4 jaren geleden
one of the best shops in town.. very friendly.
Keith Ballingall - 4 jaren geleden
1st place I came across in Rotterdam but went back 3 times on my way through Rotterdam. Great place great weed good staff
Bless In - 4 jaren geleden
Fine pleace too chillout Pineapple kush Its in menu
Anna Riley - 4 jaren geleden
Incredibly nice people working here, and good prices but when I got home and smoked my white widow joint, it was very clearly mostly tobacco. The other joints are the same. Will not be returning here. Here is a picture of my "weed" joint
Connor Hilton - 4 jaren geleden
Great weed, great service and amazing staff. In a short amount of time hands down my favourite coffeeshop. It's so close to Central Station too will definitely be seeing me there again soon!
klaas defoer - 5 jaren geleden
Good quality, prices okay
della ugr - 6 jaren geleden
Cool coffeeshop, only takeaway. Wide selection of hash and weed that are also very good
Arne Caspary - 6 jaren geleden
Good weed, cool fellas working there and a few lovely products to choose from. A pity it doesn't have a chill area reflecting that.
Mélodie Rivoal - 6 jaren geleden
Bon prix et la og kush est excellente.seul bémol on ne peut pas consommer à l'intérieur
Steven Vht - 7 jaren geleden
Excellent prix
Michael Koczon - 7 jaren geleden
shortest straw immediately

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