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The Grass Company Piusstraat
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Piusstraat 124, Tilburg (Oud-Zuid Tilburg)

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  • Maandag 11:00 - 23:00
    Dinsdag 11:00 - 23:00
    Woensdag 11:00 - 23:00
    Donderdag 11:00 - 23:00
    Vrijdag 11:00 - 00:00
    Zaterdag 11:00 - 00:00
    Zondag 11:00 - 23:00
  • Deze coffeeshop zal in de toekomst gereguleerde, gecontroleerde staatswiet gaan verkopen. Voor meer informatie, bekijk de 'Staatswiet' pagina.
  • http://www.thegrasscompany.com/
  • +31 13 544 1589


Kayka - 3 weken geleden

It good place but very cold to sit here

Rune Deblauwe - 4 maanden geleden

Though it may not be the cheapest place, it is definitely worth coming here. The product is of excellent quality. You will not be disappointed in the taste and the effect of the product. Very professional and very clean.

Mike Mulders - 4 maanden geleden

Super nice person in the shop --> K. lots of choice and same choices like all other

London Koster - 7 maanden geleden

Arrived at 21:59, doors already closed, after denying me once they checked the clock and still let me in so that's great! Good service, great products, 5 stars in all my other experiences there. Just noticing they close just before 22:00 which shows 95% great customer service but not 100%.

Yaser Jamal - 7 maanden geleden

Here's the 5 start , hoping it was just one time thing , We came kind of late and staff kind tiered so it's totally understandable so there's the 5 stars for your really good place

Jon Jon - 8 maanden geleden

Good place to distress. Friendly personal

Konrad Matusiak - 9 maanden geleden

Super friendly and well experienced staff. Great customer service and well-balanced prices. Definitely i’ll come back to this dispensary!

C S - 10 maanden geleden

Bought Northern Lights and a power plant headache from a puur joint. But funny and friendly staff. You can sit down, eat, drink and play pool etc here. This is better (in my opinion) than Grass Company over on Spoorlaan. And better than other coffeeshops that don't have the sit down experience. Beware however the shop is off the beaten track to most tourists so remember to always keep your wits about you coming and going, paying and leaving the area in daylight hours if you can. I don't want to give the impression it is a high crime area but rather it's difficult to gauge who is safe and unsafe to talk to in an unfamiliar area. Thanks for the English tea. The staff made fun of each others English accent as they served me. It was fun.

Ollieveira - 11 maanden geleden

As soon as I enter the establishment, a blond and blue hair teenager shouted at me from the other side of the bar. The way that I was addressed to was not polite at all. I'm a respectable well educated person that has the age to be her father. The hole time that me and my wife were there she had a terrible expression that I can only describe as unpleasant. A pitty because the rest of the staff was actually customer friendly - even being inexperienced and dus incapable of providing a decent advise about their products. Not a recommendable place for me. Sorry.

Angela Pinto - 11 maanden geleden

Great place! Staff is friendly and good prices!

A Google user - 1 jaar geleden

Friendly staff, good weed. Definitely recommend it.

Iñaki Goicolea Marin - 1 jaar geleden

I just got some weed and hash at the counter. Good quality products, I really liked their hash. It is in an area of the city where it is very easy to park so very convenient if you are coming by car. I live in Belgium and it is one of the closes places where you can get cannabis without being a Netherlands resident. Recommended

Dario CrxFan - 1 jaar geleden

Beautiful place and a killer milkshake

Alexander Vladimirov - 1 jaar geleden

Lovely staff and atmosphere! Recomended!!

Benjamin Capozzi - 1 jaar geleden

I'm giving a 5 for the quality of the product. The only thing that bothers me is that the grass company feels like a Starbucks for weed to me. Might I ask for a recommendation for people that come by this week that likes strong and special tastes?

96ayame - 1 jaar geleden

Friendly, helpful people. Good quality.

Jose Carbonell - 1 jaar geleden

Amazin northern light.!!!

king size - 2 jaren geleden

We all love johan!

Oliwia Jalowska - 2 jaren geleden

Such a nice place and employees

R0L1 l - 2 jaren geleden

Perfect service and the price is good :)

Fiasco Champ - 3 jaren geleden

Grass Company is slowly becoming McDonalds for weed. Staff isn’t as kind as u mention it. Actually some of them are quite nervous while you think of what to buy. I mean I am stoned there, I am not buying crack and neither they are selling it. But they do behave like they do. Maximillian is a good coffee shop in Tilburg, also Pasha. GC is fine. Let’s be honest.

Keindl Gyorgy - 3 jaren geleden

Awesome place. I just was here with one of my friend. First day we tryed some cookie some days later the shake.

Steyn van der Heijden - 3 jaren geleden

For the people that like to have more of a chilled out place to sit compared to the Spoorlaan, it's a very good shop to sit, the employees are nice and there's a garden that is very welcome in the hot summer.

Remigijus Mankeliūnas - 3 jaren geleden

They have an excellent back garden. Even better after dark.

Sean Richards - 3 jaren geleden

Parking isn't free anymore around the corner. A little further on and you might find a spot. The place is wel organised and has a pool table and fireplace. Awesome in winter! Oh, another thing that most find amusing, is the the toilets. You actually walk into a old phone booth. The people working their are real friendly.

Cal Courtney - 3 jaren geleden

Super nice place with a pool table and a nice garden. It's further away than the one on spoorlaan for me, but sometimes it's nice to sit in Piusstraat's chilled atmosphere.

David Oyega - 3 jaren geleden

Fantastic service, pitty for the rules. Cannot come back.

Scrioșteanu Vali - 4 jaren geleden

I'm not welcome without the reason and expensive stuff it's not the best quality. Bad experience

Daniele Taronna - 4 jaren geleden

Great shop. Friendly, helpful people. The herbs come in a neat cool plastic package and the prices are very good in comparison to the quality! Highly recommended!

Stefan .Koetje - 4 jaren geleden

Great service, very nice shop. And a pretty decent pool table!

Dave Piper - 4 jaren geleden

First time in. Made me feel very welcome. Knowledgeable & very staff. Relaxed coffee bar at

Raoul Khodabaks - 5 jaren geleden

Relaxte sfeer, behulpzaam vriendelijk personeel

Alice Time - 5 jaren geleden

Gezellige, nette shop, leuk personeel

Kevin Fox - 6 jaren geleden

Jimmy Van Gils - 10 jaren geleden

Prijs = kwaliteit

A Google User - 11 jaren geleden

A Google User - 11 jaren geleden


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