Om de verspreiding van het coronavirus te beperken, dienen coffeeshops in Nederland alleen als afhaalpunt voor softdrugs na 17.00 uur.

The Grass Company Piusstraat
Nu open

Piusstraat 124, Tilburg (Oud-Zuid Tilburg)

Coffeeshop informatie



Dario CrxFan - 1 maand geleden
Beautiful place and a killer milkshake
Alexander Vladimirov - 2 maanden geleden
Lovely staff and atmosphere! Recomended!!
Benjamin Capozzi - 5 maanden geleden
I'm giving a 5 for the quality of the product. The only thing that bothers me is that the grass company feels like a Starbucks for weed to me. Might I ask for a recommendation for people that come by this week that likes strong and special tastes?
96ayame - 5 maanden geleden
Friendly, helpful people. Good quality.
Jose Carbonell - 6 maanden geleden
Amazin northern light.!!!
king size - 1 jaar geleden
We all love johan!
Oliwia Jalowska - 1 jaar geleden
Such a nice place and employees
R0L1 l - 1 jaar geleden
Perfect service and the price is good :)
Fiasco Champ - 1 jaar geleden
Grass Company is slowly becoming McDonalds for weed. Staff isn’t as kind as u mention it. Actually some of them are quite nervous while you think of what to buy. I mean I am stoned there, I am not buying crack and neither they are selling it. But they do behave like they do. Maximillian is a good coffee shop in Tilburg, also Pasha. GC is fine. Let’s be honest.
Keindl Gyorgy - 2 jaren geleden
Awesome place. I just was here with one of my friend. First day we tryed some cookie some days later the shake.
Steyn van der Heijden - 2 jaren geleden
For the people that like to have more of a chilled out place to sit compared to the Spoorlaan, it's a very good shop to sit, the employees are nice and there's a garden that is very welcome in the hot summer.
Remigijus Mankeliūnas - 2 jaren geleden
They have an excellent back garden. Even better after dark.
Sean Richards - 2 jaren geleden
Parking isn't free anymore around the corner. A little further on and you might find a spot. The place is wel organised and has a pool table and fireplace. Awesome in winter! Oh, another thing that most find amusing, is the the toilets. You actually walk into a old phone booth. The people working their are real friendly.
Cal Courtney - 2 jaren geleden
Super nice place with a pool table and a nice garden. It's further away than the one on spoorlaan for me, but sometimes it's nice to sit in Piusstraat's chilled atmosphere.
David Oyega - 2 jaren geleden
Fantastic service, pitty for the rules. Cannot come back.
Scrioșteanu Vali - 2 jaren geleden
I'm not welcome without the reason and expensive stuff it's not the best quality. Bad experience
Daniele Taronna - 2 jaren geleden
Great shop. Friendly, helpful people. The herbs come in a neat cool plastic package and the prices are very good in comparison to the quality! Highly recommended!
Stefan .Koetje - 3 jaren geleden
Great service, very nice shop. And a pretty decent pool table!
Dave Piper - 3 jaren geleden
First time in. Made me feel very welcome. Knowledgeable & very staff. Relaxed coffee bar at
Raoul Khodabaks - 4 jaren geleden
Relaxte sfeer, behulpzaam vriendelijk personeel
Alice Time - 4 jaren geleden
Gezellige, nette shop, leuk personeel
Kevin Fox - 5 jaren geleden
Jimmy Van Gils - 9 jaren geleden
Prijs = kwaliteit
A Google User - 9 jaren geleden
A Google User - 10 jaren geleden

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