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Hudsonplein 4-BN, Rotterdam (Delfshaven)

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Gabor Balint - vor 1 Monat
I like their Amnesia haze.
Moritz Bruckner - vor 2 Monaten
Excellent shop, insane weed, the Bubble Gum is mindblowing, better than any in Amsterdam
Sima Mahdjoub - vor 6 Monaten
Always very friendly staff, reasonable prices and not stingy when giving a few papers/tips. It's definitely my go to place in the area.
Paul von Dem - vor 1 Jahr
It was better
Kišš Tomáš - vor 2 Jahren
I like it very much,good stuff normal price sometimes you can get pretty nice Hash,420
Benjamin Verzieri - vor 2 Jahren
Nice weed
Oliver Cassell - vor 2 Jahren
Great selection of produce
Ayhan Nehir - vor 2 Jahren
White window
Abdellatif El Ghazali Hamed - vor 3 Jahren
I went to buy today 1 gram white widow and once I reached home I decided to make one joint. Well, I opened the bag and the smell of this weed wasn’t normal so I asked a friend who’s more experienced. His verdict was that wasn’t weed I already smoked it and I don’t see any effects... For people who’re usually buying from this coffe shop, check your weed before buying it!!

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