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Coffeeshop Hortus "De overkant" V.O.F.

Nieuwe Herengracht 71, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Blin - 1 month ago

First place I visited in Amsterdam - and it really set the tone for the 3 days I spent in the city. Highly recommend a visit!

Kian Reader - 1 month ago

Friendly environment where you can relax and have a chat or play some of the few games they have available (scrabble, cards, chess, checkers) good prices on products. The female staff that was serving us was also lovely.

David McCarthy - 4 months ago

Absolutely outstanding coffeeshop. Small, intimate, welcoming, accommodating, warm and friendly. After years of visiting the 'Dam, I'm gutted to have only found this place on my last day recently. The complete opposite of the commercialisation of the centraal coffeesnops; just warm, welcoming, friendly people, awesome weed, welcome to just stop in and spend some time. Truly the place to be, and relax

Whitney Hutchin - 6 months ago

We've been to quite a few shops throughout Amsterdam and this one was our favorite! Great selection, really friendly staff and the area/neighbourhood was so lovely; peaceful, friendly people, great scenery. We're from Canada and have high standards for quality, this shop has genuinely good product, unlike a lot of other shops. I'd recommend dropping in!

Sylia Karar - 6 months ago

What a rude dislikable person. Plz change jobs, u're not meant to deal with customers...

Leon Al-Khatib - 7 months ago

Bought a pre rolled. was max 5% weed inside. The employee was trying to tell me that it is my own risk if I buy a pre rolled ans got quite defensive. Please don’t go there is a scam.

J M - 7 months ago

Guy working there was great. Awesome menu, fair prices, cool place. Clean og bud

Anna Pauli - 7 months ago

Amazing Music! Great service and immaculate vibes! Check it out

Camille Ckp - 8 months ago

Our favourite coffee shop during our stay, staff was great and such a nice atmosphere

john doe - 8 months ago

I little gem easy to miss great to find. Chilled good prices and a great menu.

Emilia Berenyi - 9 months ago

Excellent selection, the pre-rolled box is a bit dry though

Israel Onate - 10 months ago

A magical place with the BEST customer service,the woman with the Magical smile helped us to choose and we had really fun,

N!CH - 11 months ago

The light of humanity shines through this cafe. Definitely worth a visit! Thank you for the help and support

Carl - 11 months ago

Good product Great atmosphere Tragic service. I've been going amsterdam ATLEAST 3 times a year for a good few years now, I had never seen such an unorganised menu which is no issue at all but leads me into my anecdote. I asked a simple question about what I was looking for, as I could not quite see the specific menu item and was met with such sarcasm and intrigue into my supposed stupidity. Product was brilliant and it was exactly was I was trying to find. Still makes no sense to me I mean the item was literally on the menu she could have just met my question with decency- even a stumbling "yea" would have been adequate

Shez Wright - 11 months ago

Lovely coffeshop, outside of the busy centre tourist areas. Sells a good range of weed, hash, pollen and edibles. Pre rolled joints are nicely loaded, unlike some coffeeshops closer to town. Serves excellent coffee, good music and the staff are really helpful and smiley

Don Jesso - 11 months ago

I am from Canada and they gave great Coffee ☕️ Wink wink

Tom Crisp - 11 months ago

good music, lovely interior, very helpful staff, good quality products

Gabor K - 1 year ago

Good service and quality product

MOM’S CHAMPION - 1 year ago

Friend, helpful staff, great atmosphere and great smokes

Ventus Sailing - 1 year ago

An off beat, fashion and art styled small but excellent coffeeshop. Really nice and helpful budtender and a very nice choices of relaxing, positive high products. Very recommended if you are in the area. Botanical garden just across the water, and the zoo is also practically next door in Artis.

Eddy kalhu - 1 year ago

Good vibe

Emily Weiss - 1 year ago

The staff is really nice and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. They have games (really nice) and I loved the music, overall just gave me living room vibes.

Jesse Goslen - 1 year ago

Very friendly good weed, our favorite place so far

thomas porena - 1 year ago

Very nice location. Good stuff and very kind personal.

Sensual Kelly Leuven Massage Art - 1 year ago

Nice and friendly

Tom Jankowski - 1 year ago

Warm and cozy atmosphere and very friendly staff.

Rob Schlopp - 2 years ago

Very Smart and nice Lady. Great customer service and nice seats outside!

J Crook - 3 years ago

Nice shop! Quiet and reflect for first timers in Amsterdam. Recommended for beginners

Olivier Vermeulen - 3 years ago

Cozy coffeeshop just outside the city center with lots of space to sit outside. Friendly staff and good selection. Would recommend you try out their Girl Scout Cookies strain.

Miranda Osborn - 3 years ago

Just out of the busy part of town, nice and quiet, nice bud

Holly Nettleton - 3 years ago

Sat out here in the sun this morning. Came here yesterday too. It's great. I love to come to coffeeshops further out...this one is by far the best and friendliest. After smoking for around 12 years ...I recommend Neville's haze. It's fantastic. Great prices. And the hot chocolates are great. The edibles are also very good.

Holly wu - 3 years ago

Sat out here in the sun this morning. Came here yesterday too. It's great. I love to come to coffeeshops further out...this one is by far the best and friendliest. After smoking for around 12 years ...I recommend Neville's haze. It's fantastic. Great prices. And the hot chocolates are great. The edibles are also very good.

mickey b - 3 years ago

Relaxed. Good menu. Helpful staff.

Samuel Willoughby - 4 years ago

10/10 coffeeshop, excellent buds, not too busy and the staff are all lovely, would highly recommend

Tim King - 4 years ago

Great shop, just far enough away from the town centre to avoid the queues! The staff are great, knowledgeable and chatty, the forbidden fruit weed and lemon haze hash are to die for! If you fancy a quiet smoke and coffee, check it out, you wont be disappointed !

Alex Loe - 4 years ago

Great relaxed place. Not to busy , very light and clean. But with a relaxed rustic feel, there are bored games available. Good view right by the canal. Relexed and spacious layout.

Hannah Gibson - 6 years ago

Good prices here, tables inside and outside. Good spot to sit for a while.

Laren Agius - 7 years ago

Nice and chilled place.

Mario Penaherrera - 7 years ago

Very pleasant little shop with good cappuccino and cool staff.

Thomas S. - 7 years ago

Nice little cornershop with one table some sideboards and very friendly statt.

Mich Kat - 7 years ago

er staat dat de shop gesloten is, maar dat is niet zo, voorderest 1 van de beste shops die ik heb gezien

Daniel Reichelt - 9 years ago

Very pleasant staff. Nice and relaxed.


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