Coffeeshop Joint Venture Arnhem
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Munterstraat 4, Arnhem

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Ami H - 3 weeks ago
friendly owner, good Quality
Vaishnav Manna - 1 month ago
Coolest place to chill and smoke a joint!
Nonna Meeuwsen - 1 month ago
They have a "no phonecalls policy". Awesome! Really nice people as well
Jessey Lage - 10 months ago
Its always really nice to smoke sum in the shop they have good music you can enjoy youre weed calmly not mich people inside and the quality is also very good ps the only thing i would reccomend to the shop is try to put a bit more per 10 euros what you get ots 0.8 for 10 etc its expensive but leave that for the rest its an perfect shop
Peter Kohn - 1 year ago
Eleanor Lee - 1 year ago
Best coffeshop in Arnhem!
Annetta Xavier - 1 year ago
Beautiful front store, music, games and entertainment available for amusing clients. Clients happiness is their happiness. Quality is something that they never negotiate. This they thrive in business.
Jaroslaw Ratuszynski - 1 year ago
Quality weed and very friendly staff plus you can pay by card
Babak Fazeli - 1 year ago
Friendly staff, good stuff
Gunther Merten - 1 year ago
Great bud, and relaxed vibe. Really friendly bud tenders
Julia Shmukler - 2 years ago
Great place to chill!! Are you open right now with the corona btw?
BAYOWORLD - 2 years ago
The aesthetic of this place is super chill. Not a place to be on your phone or super obnoxious. It’s a more laid back type or scene. The staff are nice and it’s one of the best place to just go roll a few, vibe out with friends, and play a game of chess. White widow...
Sanghadeep Dutta - 2 years ago
Great place to chill and smoke
Hebron Dennis - 3 years ago
Very chill shop. Nice and relaxed vibe. Friendly and helpful staff. Highly recommended!
Glenn Weerts - 3 years ago
Good weed, good atmosphere. Favorite shop to chill at in arnhem
tudor241572 . - 3 years ago
No talking on your phone as well as a old and rustic ambience are giving this place a particular feeling. One of the best places to relax after a long day. Music is good as well and people are really friendly.
Nikola Kraljić - 3 years ago
Very cool place to chill out and play some games!
Christian Perez - 3 years ago
Miss behind the counter was too busy talking with the lady next to her and wasn't very client friendly. Worst weed I have ever bought in the whole Netherlands so far, brown dry grass with no THC whatsoever. Would definitely recommend the owner to improve the service quality of their workers.

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