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Grasshopper Coffeeshop

Gronausestraat 1208, Enschede (Eschmarke)

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Onetiu Constantin - 2 weeks ago

Not sure what they sell.

Liz Y - 6 months ago

Good quality, good prices and nice employees. ☺️

mark lindner - 7 months ago

Very helpful and lovely place

SufferingBabbo - 8 months ago

Unfermented Weed, Hash with Babyoil and weird&loud Atmosphere. But the Fanta was cold at least.

Александр Омельченко - 8 months ago

thank you very much everything is great

Max Guse - 9 months ago

For very low quality weed its to expensive, for Haze 13€, drive to Enschede there is much better weed and less expensive...

Natalie Koop - 9 months ago

naah, there are better places with higher quality.

Kacper Jurewicz - 11 months ago

Awesome place, greetings from poland

don grande - 1 year ago

Smoke weed every day

Manar Ortiz - 1 year ago

subnormal we almost got eaten by the service staff for having a bit of rubbish in the ashtray when it's their job... more than one of them I would like to say, let's go outside and fight.

José Cañellas Gómez - - 1 year ago

Its good!!

Hubert Berger - 1 year ago

Everything OK, weed does the job. Menu could be wider, but that's a detail. One thing that bothers me is checking the ID, and not for age purposes... Stranger things

Andre Huntemann - 1 year ago


JimmyWipe - 1 year ago

They speaking english as well and weed is very good

edwis nera - 2 years ago

unpleasant servicing...

Bezimienny - 2 years ago

Weed ,,Special'' it's a joke for 12e. Rest ok. You won't find good indica

Annetta Xavier - 2 years ago

One of the best coffeeshop in Barcelona. Literally you become like a high grasshopper after couple of joints....

BenZedrin - 2 years ago

Good buy and fly shop not more

Jan 'Kulich' Kulíšek - 2 years ago


J S - 2 years ago

1 one the best shops ive been too.

Timo Stephan Boensel - 3 years ago

Good coffeeshop & weed/hash quality with standard strains like XP(most think its white widdow), PowerPlant, Haze...BUT WEEKLY SPECIAL OFFERS and every friday special price offer. Most of the visitors are young people and the personal is also fresh and friendly

Muninn Aesir - 3 years ago

You are given the feeling that you need to rush. It was our first time buying weed and the seller seems to have no time for even an explanation.. Even after stating it was our first time. No clue about the coffee shop itself as we felt rushed to make a decision. Also pretty expensive and a really bad taste from what the seller recommended, "haze".

Grasshopper Friends Road to Division 1 for FIFA19 - 3 years ago

Online FIFA19 is so exciting. you can park your car with FREE close to AH Parking. walk just 2min on Street. Smoking area is nice old furniture. you can enjoy roll up your joint. and You can get Real Couch Rock! try special12euro or Haze13euro NO P.P NO White Widow This one is only Germany People smoke. But Totally Here is Best in ENSCHEDE GrassHopper Friends!

Di Kesh - 3 years ago

Great place to smoke good weed. Videogame, Pool, Kicker is there. If you are lucky you will get free crusher, paper, filter. Drinks are cheap. Neat and clean environment.

Taras Yatsiv - 3 years ago

It was on a map and also app showed it. In fact - does not exist. So, forget about in and do not waste your time!!!

Ed Sr_Ed - 4 years ago

This have the worst that u can get, lol looks like that u cut grass from your garden dry and sell , im sory grasshopper but it's true

A Duszyk - 4 years ago

Cool place, quick service

Adam Królewicz - 4 years ago

Good location end quality :)

Graham Morrison - 4 years ago

Nice man behind the counter, nice weed. Good.

abdalazez sysy - 4 years ago

This is so nice and good cofeschop i hope i can viset it again and again there's the nice joint

Julian Grobe - 5 years ago

Top weed

Rajat Basavaraj - 5 years ago

Good place and good atmosphere. Helpful staff.

Dawid Gorski - 5 years ago

Been there once. Worth of visit for tourists that look for nice weed shop. Staff is very kind.

Jakub Kalhous - 5 years ago

Gooooood !

Kuba TheDRiftGirls - 7 years ago

Nice cofeshop

Phillip Renter - 7 years ago

Gestern war ich mit einen Kollegen in diesem Shop. Überraschenderweise war es der schlechtes Shop in dem wir je mals waren. Wir dachten uns zufolge dieser Bewertungen, vielleicht ist es ja ein geheim Tipp, aber bis auf unfreundliches Personal, eine schlechte Liste an Sorten, welche sie nicht mal identifizieren konnten. So gab es zum Beispiel die Sorte "Haze". Wir entschieden uns für XV, und es schmeckte einfach schlecht und war von der Wirkung nicht überzeugend. Geht lieber in Thunderbird oder einen anderen der Enschede Shops.

Ganjan the Smoker - 7 years ago

Dieser Laden ist der grösste Dreck. Ausser der guten Lage hat es nichts zu bieten. Keine vernünftigen Sitzplätze und das Marihuana ist schlecht. Noch nicht einmal die Sorten sind gelistet. So kann man dort Sorten wie "haze" kaufen. Leute, geht nicht zu diesem Shop, schlechte Qualität, schlechtes Personal, schlechter Laden. Lasst es euch von einem, der Ahnung hat sagen. Dieser Shop ist nur was für "Anfänger" und nichts anderes

Reinhard Oßendorf - 8 years ago

Immer wieder!!

Lars Slater - 8 years ago

Super laden, gemütlich und Freundlich. Kleiner Snacks und Getränke sind dort für jeweils 1 Euro zu haben ( Zumindest das meiste) Super Coffeshop, weiter so !


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