Basjoe Coffee Shop
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Kloveniersburgwal 62, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Sarah Wilkins - 5 dagen geleden
Rude staff. Not a good menu. No surprise the shop was empty on a Saturday night
james cox - 3 weken geleden
one of my. favourites perhaps the best vibe! This post is a little corny but I was on my own in there and met a girl called Madelyn who was travelling from Canada and on her way to Lisbon the next day. If you ever read this post message me my biggest regret was not getting anyway to contact you.
David Lessner - 1 maand geleden
Best Shop in Town, love the Candy Kush and King Hassan. Next to my favourite Hotel Radisson Blu.
Julie Messmer - 1 maand geleden
In my opinion, This Is the best coffee shop B cause the staff Is Very cool and the location is ideal ! ❤️
Charlotte Eichhorn - 5 maanden geleden
This has been one of the nicest coffee shops on our trip. It was a good advice, grass is also very tasty and the atmosphere pleasant. The service is attentive and the staff very friendly. Unfortunately, nothing was realised of the cupcakes... Feel free to come back thanks :)
Lijo Thomas - 6 maanden geleden
It’s a scam. We bought 2 joints and a space cake. No effect at all. We’re pretty sure we had normal muffins.
Hannah Campbell - 6 maanden geleden
LOVED our experience on Wednesday night but then staff on Thursday weren't as friendly and the music wasnt as good
Mai Smith - 7 maanden geleden
Very bad customer service. As soon as we walked in the owner demanded to know how many of us were buying something. He raised his voice when we were looking at the menu and said we couldn’t sit down or go to the toilet until we bought something. It was a very hostile environment to be in so we left before buying anything.
Simone Poon - 7 maanden geleden
The guy was extremely rude and the customer service was awful. Do NOT go!! Would give 0 stars if I could
Luca Fernandez Warren - 7 maanden geleden
!!! STONERS BEWARE !!! Bad atmosphere, unfriendly barman, rubbish decor.
Bilarinho - 1 jaar geleden
The guy in the shop is the rudest guy i have ever meet . I WOULD LIKE HIM TO READ THIS. VERY DISSAPOINTED
Alexander Brinks - 1 jaar geleden
Nice chill out place, super friendly staff. Not your typical tourist coffee shop
Marion Martin - 1 jaar geleden
Such a disappointment... Bought two of medium strong muffins and felt literally nothing... Paid 15€ for regular muffins. Such a rip-off. Definitely don't go there.
Ollie Barry - 2 jaren geleden
Always busy and for good reason, great selection and atmosphere, I went in mainly for the edibles as they have a good reputation, I ate one just before going through security at the airport and steadily cruised to 30,000 feet before the plane even took off. Would highly reccomend, great cake was really moist and light with well balanced flavours.
M.k Hasan - 2 jaren geleden
Amazing amazing place... Big coffeshop with lot of sitting place.. Great employees... Friendly and they will also help you to choose right joint... Love this place
Jordan Dams - 2 jaren geleden
Real nice people working there, very helpful. The rainbow cake was superb
Glynn - 2 jaren geleden
An oasis where you can relax to the music, soak up the atmosphere, enjoy your time.
Alan S - 2 jaren geleden
Great Coffeeshop, they're friendly and their stuff is good. It's always packed though
Πασχαλης Κοσμιδης - 2 jaren geleden
Perfect place to be. Nice staff, very nice coffee and hot chocolate. Clean too
Lucky Cat - 2 jaren geleden
Chilled out atmosphere with friendly staff and good tunes. Rainbow spacecakes are delicious and they get the job done. Nice selection of pre rolled joints as well as flowers and hash.
Gpad - 2 jaren geleden
Not a nice place at all they done a really good job of making us a group of 4 feel not welcomed crazy how rude the staff are here the guy behind the counter had throw my change at me making me pick it up from the floor I really do not recommend this place there are plenty of other places that make you feel welcomed this place is definitely not one of them. Thanks for ruining day one of my holiday
Janet S. Regan, MPM - 2 jaren geleden
Great place! We sampled three coffee shops last night and dug the atmosphere here. They were fun and helpful and really nice. Going back today!
Josef Hurmer - 2 jaren geleden
Cutted rope. Shop in clean Rotterdam style. Friendly. Good stuff. Normal prices. Not too much, and not too young people. Enter in left door...
Claire C - 3 jaren geleden
Great place to sit and people watch. Staff are friendly and helpful. As a non smoker I can highly recommend their coffee, didn't risk the cake though
itsjustsami - 3 jaren geleden
Got a space cake here. Bought the light one and ate the whole piece. Took about two hours to kick in but I was insanely high for around 6 hours. The cake was also really good and chocolatey
Ezra Levi - 3 jaren geleden
Love this place! I've been before, absolutely had to go back. So chilled, and relaxed, brilliant atmosphere. Next time I'm in Amsterdam I will be going again.
David Ko - 3 jaren geleden
Place was weak. Unwelcoming and very rude girl. But the guy at the counter was cool the cs right next door is wayyyyy better trust me.
Shreeya Patel - 3 jaren geleden
Great coffee shop, very welcoming atmosphere and the staff are super lovely especially the lady that makes the coffee! (I should have got her name) The music is a vibes too, playing old school reggae and new school hop hop and rnb. I went on this trip with my boyfriend and we ended up playing cards for ages! we will definitely be returning upon our next visit
Teodor Christensson - 3 jaren geleden
Fabulous place to visit, Amsterdam is totally worth it. Do it during the warmer season tho as water brings the cold out. From april all the way to september is worth. Great products.
Luciano La Palma - 3 jaren geleden
Had the "strongest" space cake they had. It didn't taste good and I didn't feel anything. The inside of the Coffeeshop looked nice though.
sonia lowe - 3 jaren geleden
Nice place to sit outside and have a smoke
Michelle Kimi Steffens - 3 jaren geleden
Really cozy place. Good service from the seller and good vibes. The waitress making coffee, not so much.
Donne Van Der Merwe - 3 jaren geleden
One of our favorites. Excellent herb and lovely vibe. Visited more than once
Žygimantas Jasiulionis - 3 jaren geleden
Perfect location and weed! Love here to chill. Thank you!
Vardan Safarian - 3 jaren geleden
We had a friend with us who became very sick. I want to say a big Thank You for the very kond, helpful and FANTASTIC staff (2 ladies, one was Portuguese the other I did not ask). The place was good as well, not very busy, a pleasant corner. Cheers
David Gormley - 3 jaren geleden
++good, chill, not to loud music +comfortable seating +generally good atmosphere +possibility to sit outside or at windows +bongs available for customers --staff not very friendly -prices are above average -quality of their weed is below average Overall a nice place. I recommend you try their space cakes/muffins. Would visit again.
Megan Millican - 5 jaren geleden
Rudest staff I've ever come across. Woman at the bar wasn't even just unhelpful, she was aggressive and nasty for absolutely no reason, as if we should be sorry we were even there (we were trying to buy both weed and drinks). She was literally pulling faces at customers after they left the counter, like a moody teenager. Don't do the job if you hate it and everyone around you. Would give zero stars if possible. Awful.
boscoasua - 5 jaren geleden
Worst customer service ever. The one guy that looked like the owner was the rudest person I've ever encountered. Never going back there.
Rodrigo Bastias - 5 jaren geleden
While I was traveling in Europe for the 'Map Your World Week' Google #LocalGuides (ask for more info if interested). Really pricy for their product presentation. Average knowledge about strains and side effects. Friendly enough!
Pete Denton - 5 jaren geleden
Really nice weed. Posh teas. Chilled music. All in all nice vibe. Looks like a locals place.
Aleksandr Vinokurov - 5 jaren geleden
Nice lady. Gave me papers as compliment for my honest. 32€/2gr for Muster kush

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