Green House Centrum

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 191, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Byron Clifford - 1 maand geleden
Amazing Location, good environment does get extremely busy so better to go earlier/ Later in the day
Abbey Braun - 1 maand geleden
My favorite coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Perfect chill spot with a great variety.
Matthew Scharf - 1 maand geleden
Friendly staff, Amsterdam prices but good quality. Tasty coffee indeed.
Alexandru Ioan Istrati - 2 maanden geleden
Variety and quality are good. Unfortunately the personell is not great.
Paloma Cups - 3 maanden geleden
Bad quality and rude staff! They think they own the street. Respect is important!
Hüseyin Ergün - 3 maanden geleden
bike parking , cakes and good athmosphere
Conan Scholl - 6 maanden geleden
The coffeeshop is located in the center and in the immediate vicinity of the red light district. Certainly a tourist magnet - however, it is very inviting and offers a wide range of quality products. In case you walk by, don't miss to visit this place.
Paulius Žyvatkauskas - 7 maanden geleden
Ten out of ten! Staff is very friendly, atmosphere is perfect to sit and chill and laught!
Alexander L. Samael - 8 maanden geleden
I Love the Stuff and the staff
John Rambo - 8 maanden geleden
great genetics, good flavors. Check their hash brownies, total worth it
ŁUKASZ MARKOWSKI - 8 maanden geleden
One of the most famous coffee shops from 90's still great quality. Inside you will find dozens of pictures with famous people visiting it like Snoop Fog or Quentin Tarantino.
Buy DAPPT - 10 maanden geleden
Best coffee shop in town. Check out the amazing super lemon haze! Friendly staff and great walk of fame! Everyone from Eminem, Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg etc have stopped by here
Mikel Gambino Hernandez - 11 maanden geleden
I have no words... The coffeeshop is awesome and the staff members too
Nas - 11 maanden geleden
Do you have anyone who grows anything like this in california?
Alan Wilkinson - 1 jaar geleden
Love this place! I last visited during restrictions so they were only doing takeout but the staff were really friendly and super knowledgeable with great recommendations. Even though I was there fairly briefly the place has such a great vibe. Can’t wait to visit again properly:)))
James Southworth - 1 jaar geleden
Staff are always friendly, knowledgable and helpful.
Crookevalley Cattery - 1 jaar geleden
It's the only place to go I'm amsterdam in my opinion, I love it here.
Golden Guide - 1 jaar geleden
Outstanding customer service. Great weed with really nice buds. Budtenders are super friendly and welcoming. James in particular is really good.
Tim Ringdal - 1 jaar geleden
I HAD to upgrade to 4 stars
Inês Soares - 1 jaar geleden
They now have more budtenders which is awesome. Downside is that staff could be friendlier and less rushed (all seem quite young and inexperienced). Interior could use a more friendly vibe as well as the couple tables outside. Top weed (Super Lemon Haze is a must) in Amsterdam, remaining my first choice when visiting the city, but wouldn't recommend as smoking lounge.
minkidabi - 1 jaar geleden
Awesome music, great selection for good prices, you also have some unique strains and their hash is also wild. Really the best coffeeshop I've been to so far.
Larisa Bardos - 1 jaar geleden
This coffeshop is the beste! good vibe
Tommy Shiels - 2 jaren geleden
This seems to be a good first spot for tourists. It's a reasonable sized coffeeshop with 2 bars, front and back, with bar stools and tables with benches and short stalls. They check IDs so please bring with you. They have a large variety of produce with lots of different types to choose from. I relaxed in the window seating. I enjoyed the view of the canal and red light district.
James B - 2 jaren geleden
Fantastic place. Love to support this team and all that they do. Fantastic quality and selection. A little pricier than others but you get the best. Wish they were able to sell merchandise. They definitely get busy. We were lucky to get a spot around 11pm
Стас Щенсневич - 2 jaren geleden
I was there twice. Popular place. But no free place always! In shop if you are not smoke personal will be not friendly. Prices are high but quality is high too. So.. its easy to find more pleasent place... there are about 7 in 300 meters around...
J Crook - 2 jaren geleden
Great shop! Don’t expect to have a seat as there is a crowd here almost everyday. They product / weed selection is amazing! Although most strains you can find In other shops now too. But if you feel your haze is up to scratch, visit anyone of the Green House shops, their product will not let you down .
Christopher Carpenter - 2 jaren geleden
Top 5.Busy, bustling cafe with a buzz. Seating outside aswell as inside (very popular with the locals). Great weed, great prices on drinks, great internal decor, arty tables, has volcano on bar, gentle security all in all a must visit.
Olivier Vermeulen - 2 jaren geleden
Great coffeeshop with a large variety of strains. Definitely try out one of their 'cream' hashes if they are available. Certainly lives up to its name and the shop up to its reputation.
CharliePrinsePRO - 2 jaren geleden
Super popular coffeeshop, visited by many celebrities from all over the world!! Get there early if you need specific strains, space cakes or pre-rolled joints because they sell out quickly. Cozy little place that can get packed very easily, so be aware of limited seating. Just ask if you can join a table, strike up a conversation and you might even make new friends
Martijn Wismeijer - 2 jaren geleden
Nice but a little expensive. Many less expensive options exist in Amsterdam but this place primarily caters to tourists. Good selection of smokes though so if you want something nice, might be worth the money.
Dan Evans - 2 jaren geleden
Really good location, venue, staff, tunes and a elections. Staff were very friendly and helpful and the sales staff for the cannabis were very knowledgeable; above the sales tips and knew more about the strains than most people (outside of a passionate grower) . His passion was clear in his technique and talking which made the experience more enjoyable for sure.10/10 would recommend
Feras Smadi - 3 jaren geleden
Hello. Unless you have been living on a different planet or never have been to Amsterdam. Then you should know that the best place to get son HIGH quality MJ is the legendary green house. Loom through the menu for the champions list and good luck and good bye...
Aubrey Martin - 3 jaren geleden
This place at least for my experience was not a good one. We could not get service plain and simple at the bar or at our table. We ended up leaving...
Hannah Thompson - 3 jaren geleden
This coffee shop was so cool. We sat at the bar which was uncomfortable but that's purposeful to stop you staying all day which would be easy. Highly recommend a visit
Martin Tsvetanov - 3 jaren geleden
Very nice place, my go to when in Amsterdam. Weed is amazing and not as expensive compared to other cofee shops in the area. There is a decently sized smoking area so you should be able to find seats.
James Marsh - 3 jaren geleden
Really lovely place. The only coffee shop I could find that wasn't blaring bassy trap music all day. Switches a bit in the evening, but when I went in the morning they were playing Whitney Houston among other things. Good selection on the menu, most of the staff are super friendly. Good coffee, good smokes, good vibes.
Haroon Rafique - 3 jaren geleden
Small, busy, best place for seeds. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. They will happily help you to grow your own cannabis. This is the home of super lemon haze.
Darren Williams - 3 jaren geleden
I found this place on a recent trip to Amsterdam. I have epilepsy and found this place very knowledgeable about my condition. Very helpful Staff, there was an excellent range of products. Excellent atmosphere and very good music being played
Natalie Southern-Monkton - 3 jaren geleden
We went in a few coffee shops looking for a nice place to relax and not just get baked. We actually wanted a coffee and a comfy seat too. We found that here. The staff were very helpful and the coffee was nice. It was very busy and of course most of the customers were smoking, as to be expected in Amsterdam. There was a coffee bar at the front where we got a lovely coffee and a cake from (space cake, was very yummy) and there was a place at the back where you could buy pre-rolled spliffs.
matthew janssen - 3 jaren geleden
Went on an Thursday night around 2300, was busy, cool vibe. Staff were ok, much nicer than other places. Product was good!
NANA Hsieh1209 - 3 jaren geleden
The girl working at bar here She is super nice! Design & lighting is very beautiful But people sale the weed Is not too polite ! I don’t like I ask some questions about weed He just said All the same
Elle - 3 jaren geleden
The staff (young girls) who 'serve' there will do their best to ignore you while chatting away with each other, comparing tattoo's and photographing them. Be prepared for an abrupt, almost rude reply if you dare ask a question.. Made to feel very unwelcome . I must say thou the English guy who serves at the back couldn't be more knowledgeable and helpful..if it wasn't for him we would have given no stars.
Ross Melland - 3 jaren geleden
Still one of the tourist coffeeshops but a very cool vibe. Loads of pictures of celebrity visitors and all their cannabis cup trophies. Good weed (on the more expensive side)
Laura Rissanen - 3 jaren geleden
One of the best in Amsterdam. Love the fact they have herbal mixture for joints on the tables. Pretty cramped space but the weed is great (even if a little overpriced as this is after all a tourist trap)
José Ignacio Urrejola - 3 jaren geleden
I wanted to say that this Cafe Shop is the best. Not just because Of the vibes of the place but because of their staff. It was absolutely amazing. They really help me today when I feel sick, they maked the difference.
Daniel Collier - 3 jaren geleden
Rude staff. There are better places all around it if your looking to chill in a relaxed atmosphere. Three stars coz the weed is good
Viviana Gheorghiu - 4 jaren geleden
My experience was terrible. Although the weed quality was really good, the staff wasn’t pleasing at all. I was with a friend and the card machine had its carbon paper put in the wrong way, so when we payed it didn’t print out, only the paper came out. So we spend like 15m discussing this with the lady, which made a great deal about it, that doubted us saying how would she know we actually payed for that, when it wasn’t even our fault. So they apparently were very bad trained. Then she decided to print every sale made with the machine and see if ours printed out. And, obviously she realized the paper was put in the wrong way. She put it in the right way. And even so, she didn’t realize that was why our sale wasn’t printed!!!! Then all of my highness went straight to this anxiety scenario and I started to feel very sick. They took me outside and gave me honey. And I asked my friend to buy some French fries elsewhere. Obviously we couldn’t eat it in their table, but I couldn’t move or speak properly, so we just sat there waiting til I felt good enough to walk again. But then another waitress just comes in and asks very rudely for me to take off it. And I asked “take it off the table?” And she said yes. And I did so, but like, it was closed. You couldn’t even know it was some food from some place else. And she just said that really pissed off and ignorantly. It’s a touristic area, they should be nice to tourists, it’s them who mostly sustain these stores in these places. Very bad experience! >:(. And I didn’t even tell all about it.
Becky williams - 5 jaren geleden
Very helpful staff, very relaxing inside , outside u can sit an watch the world go by ... plus the coffee is awesome ????
Matt Jacobs Jr - 5 jaren geleden
Awesome selection of trees, lots of "cup winners". Very nice setiva options. Usually very crowded but once you get a spot you can chill and the staff are super friendly. The smoothies are delicious. Definitely a lot of tourists but not as super young as Bulldog crowd.
Tim K - 5 jaren geleden
One of be HIGHlights of our trip for sure. Great atmosphere, helpful staff.
FreedomIsTheGoal - 6 jaren geleden
Nice location but a little too small for the amount of visitors. Chilly place especially when you sit outside. I also met my favourite rapper there
lior h - 6 jaren geleden
Great coffee shop, the place is nice looking with great weed.
Doruk vs - 6 jaren geleden
the security is very rude. mostly tourists hang out here. for god sake nobody knows anything about this place why are you so rude??? it is just a big baloon. i will never ever go there.
Nate Starks - 6 jaren geleden
The Staff were extremely friendly and happy.. gave us all our paraphanellia for free (if we danced to salsa) .. location was really nice.. nice and chilled vibe
eoghan donnelly - 6 jaren geleden
Nice location facing the canal as a tourist I enjoyed the decor and all the photos of celebrities that visit this shop. The senery was plenty watching the people go by.
Robert Morris - 6 jaren geleden
Friendly honest staff, weed prices were high but you get what you pay for (€18 per gramme of Pure Kush) nice spot next to canal and fairly roomy premises. Thumbs up!

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