Rick's Coffeeshop
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Oudezijds Voorburgwal 250, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Centrum)

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Megan sinden - 5 dagen geleden
Been here a few times, don’t know why everyone has giving it bad rating nice chill atmosphere with good music, they’ve always been fine with us
Mark Schmissat - 2 weken geleden
rude, grumpy owner that probably hates his own life. Mocking people on the street, being racist and misogynistic. If I could, I’d give zero stars, but unfortunately it’s not possible. I’m not a fan of one star reviews, but this one earned it. Please don’t go there
siva lallu - 4 weken geleden
great food and a beautiful place to spend the evening.
sophia - 2 maanden geleden
I went here because of the location - the nice view over the canals and the energy of happy tourists. The drinks were okay, but a bit expensive. It was quite crowded, which might not be for everyone. The waiter was quite busy, but was decent.
JamJustice - 3 maanden geleden
Worst atmosphere and coffeeshop in the world. Owner basically demanded I buy a drink and then rolled their eyes at a customer for being a first timer and not understanding how things worked. When I preceded to help the customer, they rolled their eyes at the both of us. Disgusting place. Don’t waste your time.
A C - 4 maanden geleden
The owner wanted to fight us randomly. Just because we asked for some information.
arima kosai - 4 maanden geleden
Absolutely rude, no customer service at all
Jamie Salt - 4 maanden geleden
Nice little spot to smoke but the owner is so rude and the joints and 70% tobacco so buy/bring flower to smoke as he truly doesn’t deserve your money.
h h - 6 maanden geleden
Please sell your business to someone that will put in effort. The most rude and unwelcoming place you can ever visit in Netherlands. You give the Dutch a horrible reputation. Hands down the worst coffeeshop in all of Europe. Outdated, overpriced strains grown in horrible conditions and fast dried (EVERY BUD SMELLS LIKE HAY). The owner seems to be a naturally unhappy person and hates his life and job.
Manol Draganov - 9 maanden geleden
Worst customer service i have ever seen. It’s not worth it going there.
gone forever - 9 maanden geleden
My first visit in 2014, I purchased 30 euros worth of cannabis and a coca cola drink, I sat down to roll up and the owner slams down a menu on the table and demands I order drinks and food because "this isn't a smoking only room", during this time there wasn't any no smoking signs and I was their only customer in the building. I recently walked by and noticed their menu is still awful and the quality of cannabis is just as terrible. They rely only on their location, and the owner and his workers hate being there and cant even pretend to be normal humans. This is the most miserable place that you can visit in all of Amsterdam.
Ibelisse Marín - 10 maanden geleden
AWFUL!!!! DONT GO. bad service and nasty attitude from the staff. The girl Just doesnt want to work here I think.
Andreas Leitz - 10 maanden geleden
Nice Coffee Shop. They serve tea with honey. Awesome!
MG - 11 maanden geleden
Terrible service. This is a place run like a business. No friendliness, kindness or human approach whatsoever
Gilles Oome - 11 maanden geleden
Gratis shoppa. Personeel gedraagt zich als of ze de cannabis Monopoly hebben. if you are a toerist, go look for a other shop, because Ricky's want to scam you if your not from around the city
Herman Hänsch - 11 maanden geleden
We entered and asked if they have a bong that we could smoke if we buy something. He told us that they are only for takeaway at the moment. No problem so far. He (the server/seller) then told us he knew a place where we could smoke bong without tobacco. When I asked where that would be he insisted I buy something from him so he tells me. When I tried to say no thank you he very rudely told us to go away, get out of his store because we were too much trouble. Very bad service, not even a street dealer would normally talk to me that way
Paul Mangane - 1 jaar geleden
Worst coffeeshop of Amsterdam. Bad quality cannabis
damian kk - 1 jaar geleden
Espana57 Espana54 - 2 jaren geleden
Bad coffeeshop no quality
Sára Kumprechtová - 3 jaren geleden
Very bad staff. Rude and arrogant. I DO NOT RECOMMEND.
Adam Greenlee - 3 jaren geleden
The negative reviews here are hilarious: you went to the most touristy part of the city and were shocked at the prices. The truth is you pay a price to sit. Is it going to be the best quality? No, but it’s good enough and the staff were excellent. If you’re into people watching, give this spot a try.
Allan Hunter - 3 jaren geleden
Staff and weed was best location in the centrum this place was awesome and the service is great!
Darryl Edwards - 3 jaren geleden
Staff weren't particularly friendly, the goods weren't very good and seemed a little moist, the music was too loud to have a comfortable chat and there was no extraction in there so it was really smokey. The drinks were the most expensive out of anywhere and weren't cold either

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