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Coffeeshop "De Kade"
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Stadionkade 107, Amsterdam (Amsterdam-Zuid)

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  • Maandag 08:00 - 23:00
    Dinsdag 08:00 - 23:00
    Woensdag 08:00 - 23:00
    Donderdag 08:00 - 23:00
    Vrijdag 08:00 - 23:00
    Zaterdag 08:00 - 23:00
    Zondag 08:00 - 23:00
  • Het is nog niet bekend of deze coffeeshop gereguleerde, gecontroleerde staatswiet gaat verkopen. Voor meer informatie, bekijk de 'Staatswiet' pagina.
  • http://www.dekadeamsterdam.nl/
  • +31 20 673 8102


Ellie Macadam - 1 maand geleden

the nicest staff in the world - a very kind lady (didn’t know their name) cleaned up after i spilt my hot chocolate everywhere!! they even cleaned my bag that had stains on it!! couldn’t recommend more - the stuff is insane - nice drinks - amazing atmosphere

Jeremy Smith - 1 maand geleden

Great experience. Called in at the start of my visit to Amsterdam. Super attentive and helpful staff. Lots of advice with strains and purchasing. I had no sim card data so they hot-spotted me so I could catch up with home. Spent several hours chilling with them while my room was getting ready. Great view over the sunny canal. Excellent experience

Grzegorz Durecki - 2 maanden geleden

Good stuff. Even for an amateur like me. Small minus for cookies that didn't wow. But a plus for the service that will perfectly choose what you need. Ps. It was brownies and some other with chocolate chips. They were very good, but they didn't give such a kick as joints :-)

Filip Perkov - 2 maanden geleden

Very good menu with responsable prices! Lemon Haze and Champagne are really good for daily trip. Professional staff, always ready to help you... Nice lounge zone where you can chill and enjoy! Really recommend!

Dennis Bouwhuis - 3 maanden geleden

I recently had a great time at De Kade's lounge. The atmosphere was warm and inviting, with modern decor and super comfortable seating. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable, and helped me choose a great strain. The coffee was suprisingly good. Overall, I highly recommend this spot for a fun and relaxing time with good weed and good company. Also there's no Wifi so you have to talk to stranger...or read a book or something.

Haydn Farmer - 3 maanden geleden

Great family run coffeeshop. Super friendly staff who were very welcoming. Beautiful decor inside. Very clean herbal mix and excellent choice of ‘coffee’ to choose including cali

Charlie D. - 3 maanden geleden

Friendly and knowledgeable staff ! Just know that, like many other store here, they don't take visa. Bring some cash or a regular dutch debit card. I'll definitely come back :)

Úna K - 3 maanden geleden

Lovely little shop in a nice location with really helpful and friendly guys working there! They only accept Mastercard and cash and they helped me out loads when I had neither! They also have a vegan edible which is delish. Would recommend :)

Vladimir Ivanov - 4 maanden geleden

Very nice place! It was my first coffeeshop, but I think I will become a regular customer :) The budtenders here are very welcoming and experienced, do not hesitate to ask them any questions you have on the topic

david campbell - 5 maanden geleden

First time in Amsterdam, this was our go-to place everyday. Staff are excellent, friendly, welcoming and helpful . Good prices, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in smoking area, everyone we encountered was pleasant and very friendly. Good cup of tea as well

Justin Lochner - 6 maanden geleden

By far the best coffeeshop i've been to. Super friendly staff, good products and a fair price. I highly recommend De Kade for tourists, as i am one myself from Germany that has mostly made bad experiences with other shops. From now on this is going to be the only shop i will be visiting on vacation!

Zafer Tuğrul Ergelen - 7 maanden geleden

I tried 4 or 5 different products. Overall price/quality better than most of the other companies. Helpful for every question even silly ones. Pre rolls are same as everyone which is not good shapes. It can be more side products like bongs or accessories. I think 4.5 points will be fair overall.

Shanovia Parks - 7 maanden geleden

I bought the vegan edible and felt 0 effects. I came to the reviews to see if anyone else had a similar experience, and they had. On one review, I seen the staff recommend that someone contact them on Instagram. I decided to do the same, but I was met with excuses and no offer to resolve the issue other than going there and wasting my 8 euros for 'another try'. I have a very low tolerance for THC and have tried much better vegan edibles elsewhere. Do not recommend.

Neil Yeomans - 7 maanden geleden

De Kade was first on the visit list and have to say they didn't let me down. They came with some fantastic product best I had in Amsterdam well worth the visit. Friendly staff made us feel welcome.

Andrew Fiorillo - 8 maanden geleden

Super nice place, very relaxed in the morning. Menu is very good, lots of options. Note: prerolls contain tobacco and you can't smoke them on site.

Faye Moxham - 9 maanden geleden

Best coffee shop ever! We visited many whilst in Amsterdam and this was definitely the best one - staff were super friendly and helpful, prices were good & weed was great :)

read my comment not my name - 9 maanden geleden

Lovely Shop, good quality herbs and very nice, competent staff. I got a free Volcano Bag to try and it was just an overall lovely experience

Tim Ringdal - 9 maanden geleden

❤️! You guys has always been listening. Thank you ! ✌️ Even a good discussion it's possible there:) Best staff ever!! And despise my bad luck. But it's De kade! The atmosphere is 4 alone. And staff 5 All love ✌️

corrie h - 9 maanden geleden

Great local shop! So very friendly and helpful. We are from California and we felt very taken care of here.

Yuto Kitamura - 10 maanden geleden

Love this coffee shop definitely I’ll go again . Good stuff and friendly .

Ori Shlomo - 10 maanden geleden

The coffee shop I enjoyed the most in Amsterdam! The sellers are really nice, I'm sure I'll be back

Randy Collier - 11 maanden geleden

Very good flowers and the staff was very polite. I would recommend. Good prices and they have a lot of good at that place!!!

Chad Buy - 11 maanden geleden

Got one of their edibles which was a chocolate chip cookie and I could absolutely get higher with a cookie from Starbucks. It was literally just a regular chocolate chip cookie and nothing else. Really disappointed

Stevie Hind - 1 jaar geleden

Superb shop. One of my new favourites. Probably the best value Iv found. Mega quality, superb service! Thanks guys!

Fern - 1 jaar geleden

Good prices! Solid buds and good price/quality ratio compared to other CSs

Sebastian Delogu - 1 jaar geleden

Absolutely love this coffeeshop. Superb edibles and really nice staff! ❤️

Juan Francisco Fernández - 1 jaar geleden

I consider it to be the best coffeeshop in the area. They got a broad menu with excellent weed. The staff is always kind and polite. The smoking area has a really good atmosphere and view over the canal. The edibles are also worth trying.

Isabella Tropiano - 1 jaar geleden

I was going around Amstelveenseweg when I found this coffee shop located in front of a big canal. A very nice place where take a break and enjoy the Netherlands

Z.J S - 1 jaar geleden

Beautiful shop! Best edibles in town, a wide variety of assortment and great staff. Definitely recommend this shop for high quality weed.

Gaetano Cordone - 1 jaar geleden

This is a awesome coffeeshop in Amesterdam for many reasons : - outfits "De Kade" by the rare wardrobe ; - excelent personal ; - excelent chois of products ; - excelent romantic position on the street.

Marco Fürst-Dietrich - 1 jaar geleden

in my humble opinion the best "coffee house" in town. Very helpful and polite budtenders taking the time for suggestions for personal needs. The shop even has some strains in medical quality - perfect for my chronic back pains. Thank you for the sweater I got, last time.

Felipe Chulo - 1 jaar geleden

Best weed and hash in Amsterdam. Quite expensive also. High quality for a high price. High is everything X)

Ferdi - 1 jaar geleden

Amazing employees, amazing weed. They even have their own clothing brand.

José Augusto Mendonça - 1 jaar geleden

One of the best coffeeshops outside citycenter.

Daniel C - 1 jaar geleden

Just awesome, even got a free hoodie

Alex Ilies - 1 jaar geleden

I visited De Kade because it had so many good reviews. The Kosher Kush was good: nice bud, great smell, it was indeed a top bud. kudos for your Kosher, guys! However, the Cali joints were bad ! REALLY bad ! I bought 2 pre-rolled joints and both of them were unsmokable! ( i think it was because the joints were way 2 slim, making the smoking impossible).

Diego - 1 jaar geleden

Next to my hotel the best coffeshops for me in Amsterdam about quality and prices ! Ser you next time ✌️

Edv Vardo - 1 jaar geleden

Woman helped me buy stuff, after my iphone brokes,and didn't had cash. They could just reject it, but they tryed to find solution. They have also solid weed, for such place hard to make things even better :)

Luiz Kottas - 1 jaar geleden

Very nice place. Cozy environment. Very nice staff too

Sravan Chaitanya - 1 jaar geleden

Amazing little shop. The prices are chepaer compared to the main City and better quality for some reason.

lol xd - 1 jaar geleden

Really nice staff also a great variety of strains. Would recommend!

Turtle Stylez - 1 jaar geleden

Great shop , good vibes , good kush

Alex Reyes - 1 jaar geleden

This was my first coffeeshop experience in Amsterdam and I wouldn't have it any other way. The atmosphere was professional without being uptight. The staff was really helpful and personable. The menu selection was amazing they even had California tree. It is also in great location right next to the park where you can smoke and watch the water. That's not all though! As I was leaving, the nice woman ran out and gave me a free shirt! It made the whole experience that much more memorable. Check this place out!

Ev Tesla - 1 jaar geleden

Great place. Very nice atmosphere. I recommend. :)

Seyed Hosseini - 1 jaar geleden

Very local and Amsterdam themed coffeeshop. Excellent service

Nelson Otto - 2 jaren geleden

Highly recommend. Excellent products

Marti Lang - 2 jaren geleden

Is my absolute favorite coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Good material, good prices and verry handsome workers

Thomas E. Gilligaen - 2 jaren geleden

Pretty girl, good strains. Great choice.

Vipul Rai - 2 jaren geleden

Amazing place ,great Vibes, nice people and most important good quality stuff. This has become my regular place now.

Gabe Stattic - 2 jaren geleden

So, Weed is really good. Prices also fine. Personal is friendly. I like it there! I can recomend

elias ammiel - 2 jaren geleden

one of the best coffeeshop in amsterdam I hope all this ends soon so I can smoke inside again

Harrison James - 2 jaren geleden

Lovely shop with a local vibe, polite staff & a good selection of quality product.

50 shades of pastel - 2 jaren geleden

One of my favourite coffeeshops of all time! Not only is the product of consistent quality, so are the staff! They're helpful, patient and always provide friendly interaction and expertise! I also want to make a note of their aesthetic because it is one wholly unique to them, I absolutely love their decor and smoke room it is Great Gatsby 20s style and I 100% dig it. It's a refreshing change from the handful of dingy shoppes in the city, you won't regret dropping by!

Matt Crothe - 2 jaren geleden

This has quickly become my favourite Coffeeshop in Amsterdam, the staff are so friendly and lovely, it feels nice and social purchasing from here. The staff make the experience wonderful every time, but a good Coffeeshop needs more- De Kade has it! Amazing bud and hash, fantastic prices that I can't seem to beat in the city. Brilliant selection of strains, great staff, beautiful location with a picturesque setting, what's not to love? The smoking room is currently closed which is a shame, but all that has done is given me another reason to return in the future!

Samuel Bucher - 2 jaren geleden

Very Friendly staff, good advise and lovely atmosphere.

Jason Mwasalla - 2 jaren geleden

Best coffeeshop without a doubt, great priced products to choose from. The friendly staff, the cat and open customers give it homely atmosphere that sets it apart from the other money oriented shops

Andrea Wren - 3 jaren geleden

Loved this place! If only to meet the gorgeous cat who lives in the coffeeshop! But otherwise, excellent quality goods, and vegan edibles. The vegan muffin is more than enough to share between two, and is 8 euros. Non touristy.

Leanne Matthews - 3 jaren geleden

Luckily we got to experience this place first hand! Not too busy compared to the city centre which was a massive plus. We tried some flower and edibles and could not recommend the chocolate chip cookie enougH

kayla Elliott - 3 jaren geleden

It is mainly visited by locals and being English, I like this kind of place. Out of the centre, where everyone seem to know each other but don't resent a "tourist" wanting a piece of the familiarity and hospitality. The guys behind the counter were friendly, especially the darker haired gentleman. You choose your bits from the menu and can leave or if you want to stay and chill, you must purchase a drink. They have a good "Smenu" as well as a good selection of cold drinks, flavoured tea, and coffee. They have table football!!

Tayler Smith - 3 jaren geleden

Disclosure: This is a weed shop. They sell edibles, amsterdam weed tools (like grinders and bongs), and weed. They know their weed very well and are capable of telling you which one will be the best for you, personally, based off your experiences. Definitely try their Red Velvet cupcakes! Tastes exactly like a delicious cupcake, but make sure to only take a bit if you are a light weight. I am a heavy weight and it took a little over half of the cupcake to get me high. Their edibles are awesome, just in general. They don't taste like weed, which is common in most edibles, and they actually taste really good (food wise). It's like the Starbucks of coffee shops

brad aussi - 4 jaren geleden

Always first stop visiting Amsterdam ! Friendly staff and good price/quality ratio

Anti Discrimination - 4 jaren geleden

Poor quality of weed and way over-priced. Staff rude and unwelcoming to tourists.

Justin Blaze - 4 jaren geleden

Real Original Amsterdam. First stop when visiting Amsterdam. Good ppl cant wait to come back

Alex Ratcliffe - 4 jaren geleden

Great little coffeeshop. Not busy like central amsterdam. Plus has a cat for those that like animals.

A Google User - 5 jaren geleden

Location is awesome. Staff is friendly, and one staff member is exceptionally awesome. I'm talking about the cat, love that guy/girl. There's a lot of space to chill while smoking inside with comfortable couches, a pinball machine and table top football. The weed they sell is well priced, and they sell a lot of weird strains. They also serve coffee and some food. Overall very good environment and atmosphere

marcel holt - 5 jaren geleden

Location is awesome. Staff is friendly, and one staff member is exceptionally awesome. I'm talking about the cat, love that guy/girl. There's a lot of space to chill while smoking inside with comfortable couches, a pinball machine and table top football. The weed they sell is well priced, and they sell a lot of weird strains. They also serve coffee and some food. Overall very good environment and atmosphere

Coby Babani - 6 jaren geleden

Nice place to hang out, good variety and prices are on the low side compared to the centre. I don't buy there though, I just go for a coffee and not so often.

Tom Butler - 6 jaren geleden

Great little hidden treasure, nice relaxed environment to have a chill and smoke.

Aristid B Lazy - 6 jaren geleden

Not always consistent, But they have good quality, sometimes great prices ????

Laurens Morales Herrera - 6 jaren geleden

Love the vibe and ambiance in the shop, the milkshakes and food are from another world. A real amsterdam coffeeshop with a real amsterdam vibe and perfect quality weed. One of the best in town!

Pedro Herrejon - 6 jaren geleden

Not very busy early, the staff and locale are great. I love this place. Good quality bud and rarities every once in a while. Far out from the city but a definite must.


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